This article is about 'the 2014 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the other magazine story, the 2001 magazine story or the annual story'.
“It looks like every leaf on Sodor has been blown off the trees!"
"I can hardly see the rails!”
―Henry and Percy

Leaves on the Line! is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Early one Autumn morning, Toby is talking to Thomas. He says that the leaves will soon be falling off the trees. Thomas is worried as leaves on the line can cause delays, but Toby tells Thomas not to worry as he can clear the leaves with his cowcatcher.

That night, there is a huge storm on the island. When the engines awake next morning, they cannot believe their eyes; there are leaves everywhere. Sir Topham Hatt arrives and says he has had to lay on a replacement bus service as there are so many slippery leaves it would be dangerous to run trains. Toby offers to start clearing the tracks, but the Fat Controller says the railway will still have to shut down for days; there are far too many leaves for one engine to clear. Toby doesn't like seeing the Fat Controller so upset and promises to come up with an idea to help. Toby suggests that the engines use their snowploughs to clear the leaves. The Fat Controller thinks this is a grand idea.

Soon, Thomas, Gordon and Emily all have snowploughs fitted. However, it is still a very big job for such a few engines. Toby says that Timothy and Millie have bars to protect their wheels and Den and Dart have low front plates so the Fat Controller tells Toby that they can help too. Toby also remembers Marion; she can use her shovel to help clear the leaves.

All of the engines that can move the leaves off the line set to work. To the Fat Controller's amazement, the lines are cleared in just one day. The Fat Controller thanks Toby for his marvellous suggestion, which leaves Toby feeling very proud indeed.



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