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"Legend of the Lost Engine" (Also known as "Lorenzo's Song") is a song from the twenty-third series, performed by Vincenzo Nicoli as Lorenzo.


Verse 1

It was a long time ago
In the heart of Italy
An engine kept on searching
For a great discovery
With his little coach in tow
He travelled from Rome to Napoli
Hunting high and low to feed his curiosity

Verse 2

Ended up in a mine
In hopes of hidden treasures rare
Quickly ran out of steam
And he soon got stuck in there
Oh, it's such a sad tale
Full of woe and misery
A legendary story of an engine who famously

Chorus A

Got lost in a mine
But I tell you it is fine
That lost engine
Was little old me

Verse 3

He came from Sodor
To work the rails of Italy
He wanted to learn Italian
And archaeology
But then working with Gina
Showed his curiosity
So she told him a tale of an engine who famously

Chorus A

Got lost in a mine
But I tell you it is fine
That lost engine
Was little old me

Verse 4

But Thomas didn't give up
He wanted to prove his worth
To impress his friend by finding
Something precious to unearth
So he went down some tracks which were clearly overgrown
Found himself in a mine, he was told
All tracks lead to Rome

Verse 5

But then Thomas heard a voice
He knew he wasn't there alone
Could it be the lost engine?
Or just his own echo
He shone a light which landed
On a sad and weary two
It was me and my coach Beppe
Hidden deep in the shadow

Verse 6

Oh joy, it was our hero
He had come to rescue me
And Beppe of course
So now two friends are three
Thomas gave me fuel
Which made me as fit as Fiddledeedee
But the mine was collapsing
Can this be my finale?

Verse 7

So Thomas pushed us through
The mines of mystery
Straight through an exit
Left us hanging by the sea
But Stefano was there
With the strength of Hercules
Pulled us out from the dark
Into the heart of Italy

Chorus B

Yes I was lost in a mine
But I tell you it was fine
That lost engine
Was little old me


A tale for all to tell
Of a legend long ago
Who became Italy's
Most famous celebrity!
That's me!



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  • The lyrics "He shone a light which landed" are displayed as "He shown a light which landed" in the music video. 
  • When the song was released on the official Smyths Toys Superstores YouTube channel, the song was slowed down.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese きえたきかんしゃはだれ?

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