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LEGO is a brand of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The LEGO Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark.

In 2005 and 2007, the company introduced a Thomas & Friends Duplo theme. Five sets were initially made, featuring Thomas (in two sets), James, Toby and Percy. Each year afterward, with the usual LEGO practice, new sets were released featuring different scenes and characters. The range ran until 2010 when it was discontinued since HiT Entertainment signed a deal with Mega Bloks to make construction sets based on Thomas.

Duplo is designed for very young children, so the sets have relatively few and larger pieces than standard ones to assemble.



  • 5552 James at Knapford Station
  • 5554 Thomas Load & Carry Set
  • 5555 Toby at Wellsworth Station
  • 5556 Percy at the Water Tower
  • 65766 Thomas Bridge & Tunnel Set
  • 65773 James & Percy Tunnel Set




  • 5543 Percy at the Sheds
  • 5544 Thomas Starter Set



  • The Express Coach’s stripe is painted maroon instead of red. The shade of cream used is also slightly different from the one used on the coaches in the show.
  • Toby has no side plates on his model.
  • James, Thomas, and Percy all have the same design, each with small modifications to make them look more like their television series counterparts.
  • Gordon is the only engine to have a white footplate.
  • Gordon and Spencer are the only models to not have cylinders and side rods.
  • A custom LEGO model of Thomas with LEGO System bricks was featured in TM Books & Video's home video, "I Love Toy Trains Part 7".
  • The "Thomas Starter Set" was briefly seen at the end of the animated video "The LEGO Story".
  • Before the official partnership with the LEGO company, some episodes of the television series used LEGO bricks and pieces as props. For example, the platform that Sir Topham Hatt stands on at the end of the first series episode, Thomas' Christmas Party is made out of light brown LEGO bricks. These were the normal-sized bricks rather than the Duplo system used for the Thomas line. LEGO parts are also used to make a wire coil in the tenth series episode, Toby's New Shed.
  • A poster that shows a prototype Thomas also reveals a prototype Annie right behind him. It is likely that Annie and Clarabel were planned releases, but were cancelled.