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Letters to Santa is the eleventh episode of the twentieth series.


It is almost Christmas Day on the Island of Sodor, and the children are sending their letters to Santa for Percy to pick up, who would then take them to Vicarstown, where Hiro would take them to the airport on the mainland for them to be taken to Santa at the North Pole.

Percy is delivering the letters to Hiro. It is difficult, as there is snow on the line. Harold offers to help, but Percy objects, thinking he is trying to prove helicopters are better than steam engines, remembering the time he met Harold and won against him in a race. Percy changes his mind as he comes to a tunnel which is blocked by a massive snowdrift. He asks Harold to take the letters to Hiro, which Harold is more than willing to do so.

Later that evening, Hiro is waiting at the Vicarstown Bridge for Percy, but decides he is already late and that he must leave without the letters. He is just setting off when Harold catches up with him, who explains he has got Percy's mail. Hiro collects the letters and carries on with his delivery.

At Tidmouth Sheds, Percy is worried about the children's letters, but Thomas assures him that Harold is very responsible and will do what he is supposed to.

The next morning, Percy meets up with Toby, who tells him that Harold did not return to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre the night before. Harold, who is out of fuel and stranded in a field, is worried he will have to spend Christmas stuck on the ground where he is. Percy remembers that Christmas is a time of good will to everybody, even whirly-birds. That evening, he brings him a tanker of fuel. Harold is overjoyed, and gives Percy his many thanks.

On Christmas Day, thanks to Percy, Harold and Hiro, all the children get what they asked for from Santa, and everyone has a Merry Christmas.





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  • Christopher Ragland is credited in the UK credits despite none of his characters speaking in that dub.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Cartas para o Papai Noel
Czech Dopis Santovi
French Les Lettres au Père Noël
Hungarian Levelek a télapónak
Indonesian Surat Untuk Sinterklas
Italian Lettere a Babbo Natale
Japanese サンタクロースへのてがみ
Korean 산타에게 보내는 편지
Latin American Spanish Cartas para Santa
Polish Listy do Świetego Mikołaja
Romanian Scrisori pentru Moşul
Russian Письма Санте
Serbian Pisma deda mrazu
Slovenian Pisma dedku Mrazu

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