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Lexi is a boisterous cab-forward engine who works at the Steelworks on the Mainland.


Thomas & Friends

When Thomas travelled to the Mainland, he befriended the experimental engines: Lexi, Theo, and Merlin. Thomas encountered Lexi and Theo in an empty yard, where he was warmly welcomed and refilled with coal. Later, Lexi, along with the other experimental engines, helped Thomas rescue James, who had been trapped in the Steelworks.

Afterwards, Thomas encouraged Lexi (along with Theo and Merlin) to stay with Frankie and Hurricane and call the Steelworks their new home.


Lexi is an eager and excitable engine. She is proud of being experimental and 'cab-forward'- even though she is convinced this makes her an un-useful engine.

Lexi is upbeat, cheery and outgoing, and likes to experiment with how she presents herself, often trying out different voices and how she phrases her expressions just to see which one she thinks works best. Lexi is not always confident she gets things right, but she loves the excitement of anything new, is very sociable, and keen to explore new things.

Technical Details


Lexi is based on the North Pacific Coast Railroad (NPCRR) Cab-Forward 4-4-0 No. 21 "Thomas-Stetson", a rebuild of NPCRR #5 which had been wrecked in 1897. An innovative engine built by Bill Thomas, it is considered the first cab-forward engine and was one of the first oil burners, as well as the first engine to use a marine boiler. The engine had insufficient adhesion weight and its oil burners were prone to damage due to their proximity to its water tubes, and it was unpopular with crews, and its unusual appearance earned it the nickname "The Freak". #21 was scrapped in 1905.


Lexi is painted light turquoise with a gold cowcatcher. Her front windows have gold lining, and her side windows have copper lining. Her main body is covered in rust. She has brass nameplates on the sides of her cab and her former company's initials "N.P.C.R.R" are painted on her rear oil tank in white.


Audio Files


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Journey Beyond Sodor Active


First used Last used Sound Effect
Journey Beyond Sodor Active


  • Lexi speaks with a Scottish accent and imitates other dialects such as French and Australian, despite being based on an American engine. She is one of many characters to have this distinction, the others being Philip, Marion, Connor, Caitlin, Rosie and Timothy.
  • Lexi is the only cab-forward steam engine in the entire franchise.
  • Lexi shares the same whistle sound as the Rainbow Sun, Rocky and Carlos. It's also CN 3254's 1980s whistle.
  • Both Lexi and Kwaku are the only 2 steam engines in the CGI series to have visible smokebox doors, as unlike many of the other steam engines featured, their faces are not located on their smokeboxes.
  • According to Michael White, Lexi may have been intended to appear in the twenty-fourth series double length episode, Thomas and the Royal Engine, but was dropped for unknown reasons.


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Lexi the Experimental Engine
Comes in Greatest Moments pack with a plank truck.


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