This is a list of people that sent mail to Mr. Perkins asking about life on Sodor.

Mr. Nakamura

Mr. Nakamura lives in Japan. He asked Mr. Perkins about the history of Sodor, so Mr. Perkins sent him a postcard of Ulfstead Castle.

He was only mentioned in Santa's Little Engine.


Sally received a postcard from Mr. Perkins of the Blue Mountain Quarry.

She was mentioned in the UK release of The Thomas Way and the US release of Spills and Thrills.

Mrs. Featherston

Mrs. Featherston is a person who wrote a letter to Mr. Perkins saying she was worried about being at Knapford.

She was mentioned in the UK release of Spills and Thrills and the US release Wild Water Rescue and Other Engine Adventures.


This section is about the little boy. You may be looking for the front loader.

Jack asked Mr. Perkins about diesels, so he sent him a postcard of the Sodor Dieselworks.

He was mentioned in Trouble on the Tracks.


Mary asked Mr. Perkins what is the most important place on Sodor, to which he responded that it is the Sodor Steamworks.

She was mentioned in the UK/AUS release of Tale of the Brave and the US release of Engines to the Rescue.

Mr. Murray

Mr. Murray asked Mr. Perkins about Tidmouth Sheds.

He was mentioned in The Christmas Engines.

Mrs. Parsnip

Mrs. Parsnip complained to Sir Topham Hatt that her train was delayed due to the bridge work on the branch line, so she asked Mr. Perkins to respond to her letter. He decided to tell Mrs. Parsnip about the importance of bridges.

She was mentioned in Signals Crossed and the US television broadcast of The Adventure Begins.


Robert asked Mr. Perkins about shunting, so Mr. Perkins sent him a postcard of the Shunting Yards.

He was mentioned in Dinos and Discoveries.

Mr. Mills

Mr. Mills lives in Ireland. He wrote to Mr. Perkins that he was confused about Sodor's quarries, so Mr. Perkins sent Mr. Mills a postcard of Anopha Quarry.

He was mentioned in the UK release of Trouble on the Tracks and the US release Whale of a Tale and Other Sodor Adventures.

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