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Little Giant was a double-ended Fairlie duplex engine who was planned to be part of the Skarloey Railway and introduced in the sixth series of Thomas & Friends.

Little Giant was developed by Robert Gauld-Galliers before writing for the series started, but was not included in any scripts of the episodes that were produced and filmed for the series and was dropped.


Little Giant are two engines in one. They have opposing personalities in the art. One side seems to be worrisome and possibly not believing in himself, while the other is determined and confident in himself. However this can possibly be just the way the engines are. It is not confirmed if they tended to oppose each other like Mighty Mac.

Technical Details


Little Giant is based on the Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie locomotive, David Lloyd George. Unlike their original basis, Little Giant is gauged to 2'3" instead of 1' 11½" and is fitted with buffer beams, buffers and chain couplings. Additionally their smokeboxes are closer to "Little Wonder" in shape. Mighty Mac is also a member of this class.

"Little Giant" also happens to be the name of another former Ffestiniog engine, a "Large England" 0-4-0 saddle tank-tender locomotive. This engine was built in 1867 and was withdrawn from service and scrapped in 1929.


Little Giant is painted golden yellow and black with red lining. Their name is painted on their tanks in red lettering and their wheels are painted black with orange and red lining around the rims. Their handrails and funnel cowls are brass.


Thomas & Friends

Little Giant was planned to appear in the sixth series, but was later dropped.



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