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Livestock Wagons are rolling stock used for transporting domesticated pigs and sheep throughout the railways, such as the North Western Railway.


Thomas & Friends

Thomas used one of these vans to transport sheep from the valley. He was meant to deliver the sheep to McColl Farm, and but sleep deprivation made Thomas mistakenly deliver the sheep to the market. Percy decided to help Thomas and delivered the sheep instead [1].

Diesel stole James' van of piglets at Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm to show the children at the School. He soon realised his mistake and delivered the van back to Farmer Trotter[2].

Once, James was given the job of delivering Farmer McColl's sheep to the Farmer's Fair. When travelling on a bumpy track, unbeknownst to James, the latch on the wagon slides open and thus the sheep escaped. With the help of Katie the sheepdog, James was able to retrieve the sheep in time for the fair[3].

Some time afterwards, Stafford once had to take sheep wagons to help relocate Farmer McColl's sheep to a new field[4].

Once Percy had to take some sheep from McColl Farm to the fair using one of these wagons, however, he bumped the wagon in the shunting yards and made a big hole in it. What Percy did not know was that every time he stopped or slowed down, a few sheep would escape from his wagon[5].

Technical Details


These wagons are based on the design heavily influenced by the GWR cattle trucks.

Types of designs:

The bean vans are modified from the livestock wagons with covered sides.


The livestock wagons are painted in the same shade grape purple. They have rooftops painted in the same shade of grey.



  • Sometime before the tenth series, a wagon's roof was mistakenly swapped with that of a cattle truck, as seen in Best Friends.
  • A model of a sheep wagon was for a time on display at Drayton Manor.
  • In the Lift a Flap book Railway Race Day, some livestock wagons are depicted as coaches, with them even having windows.


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