Logan and the Big Blue Engines is a book that came with the Wooden Railway set of the same name and in a special book pack.


The engines have special jobs on the day of the Sodor Talent Show. A little steam shunter that looks like a diesel is introduced, and his name is Logan.

Gordon's first job is to collect the Brass Band. Edward's is to collect some bubble fluid for Mr. Bubbles, but first, the engines need some coal.

Edward and Gordon go to the Crosby Coal Company to collect their coal and their cargo where they find Logan, busy shunting their trucks. Since Logan has not seen Edward and Gordon before, he can't tell their tenders apart and gives the wrong trucks to each engine. Edward leaves with Gordon's brass band coaches and Gordon leaves with Edward's bubblesome trucks.

Gordon leaves with the bubblesome trucks and Logan now realises his mistake. When he puffs alongside Edward, thinking he is Gordon, he is shocked to find none other than Edward! Logan wants to put things right.

Logan, with the brass band coaches, eventually catches up to a confused Gordon where he warns him about his mistake. Gordon stops, and is coupled up to the correct trucks. Logan and Gordon have a friendly chat and Gordon learns that Logan is a really useful steamie, not a diesel. Logan returns to his work at his coal mine a wiser engine that learned the value of patience.




  • The fifteenth illustration is an edited version of the thirteenth illustration.
  • The scene of Logan catching up with Gordon was recreated in CGI for A Friendly Farewell.
  • This book marks Logan's only speaking role to date.


  • In the first illustration:
    • Cranky is nowhere to be seen at Brendam Docks.
      • However he could be placed somewhere else.
    • Gordon's tender is empty.
    • Edward's coupling rods are bent.
    • Logan's whistle is also off-centre.
    • The outer left track is also narrower.
  • In several illustrations, Logan's funnel changes positions.
  • With exception to the seventh illustration, Gordon is incorrectly depicted as a 4-6-4.
  • In the seventh and eleventh illustrations, Gordon's tender has two wheels and also appears to be a 2-6-4.
  • In the fifteenth illustration, the Bubblesome Trucks are much smaller. In the same scene, Gordon is also much bigger.


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