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Lord Callan is the lord and owner of Callan Castle and its surrounding land, including the infamous Black Loch. He lives at Callan Castle, where he often holds special events and celebrations.


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When Callan Castle was being reopened to the public, Lord Callan planned to have a special celebration for the grand opening. For this, he ordered bunting and banners to be delivered to the castle so it could be decorated. Donald and Douglas were both put in charge of delivering the train to Callan Castle, but they became stuck overnight when their line was blocked. Thankfully, they managed to get to the castle safely.

For his birthday celebration, Lord Callan invited the Duke and Duchess of Boxford to Callan Castle, where the Duke would give a speech. The Duke and Duchess ran into several problems along the way, but managed to arrive to the castle in time, telling Lord Callan about their adventure.

Lord Callan later took a ride on Hugo when he first arrived on the Island.


Lord Callan wears a black jacket with silver jewels on it and a white undershirt and a blue, white and red kilt.


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  • In the magazine story, Monster Mistake!, Lord Callan is referred to as Lord McCallan.
  • Lord Callan's figurine is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


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