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Lorenzo is an Italian tender engine from Verona. He has a coach named Beppe.


Thomas & Friends

Whilst looking for treasure with his coach Beppe, Lorenzo once wandered into an old mine, where he ran out of steam and soon became stuck. He was left in the mine for years, becoming a legendary tale to those above ground and used as a cautionary tale by Gina about curiosity.

When Thomas got lost in the same mine, he eventually found Lorenzo with Beppe in tow. When the mine began to collapse, Thomas pushed the duo to an exit by the sea. Luckily, Stefano was there and was able to rescue the trio. After being mended, Lorenzo and Beppe were put back to work on the Italian Railway.

Lorenzo became excited when famous opera singer Dame Bella Canto came to perform, but was disappointed to find that Gina had already been asked to take her. Thinking that Dame Bella Canto had not chosen him because of Beppe, Lorenzo tricked him into working with Gina so that he could find a bigger coach to take Dame Bella Canto by surprise with, making her want to travel with him instead.

When Dame Bella Canto asked him to take a different route to The Colosseum, he ended up getting lost and regretted leaving Beppe behind. Fortunately, Beppe and Gina were able to find him and he was able to apologise and reunite with his faithful coach.

Later, Thomas wanted to sing opera like Lorenzo and Beppe. The pair tried to teach him, but eventually gave up, concluding that he simply was not cut out for it.


Lorenzo was famous not only for his wandering curiosity, but his intense love of opera singing. He loves the sound of his own voice and being the centre of attention, especially while singing operatic ditties with his small coach, Beppe. Whilst his speaking voice may be deep, Lorenzo has a classical tenor singing voice. Additionally, his quests for fame can lead him to be impulsive at times.

His curiosity and impulsive actions often get the better of him, which lead to both him and Beppe getting lost. Lorenzo loves fame more than anything else when given the chance, but is never too vain to part from Beppe permanently, often reconciling at the end of their escapades.

Lorenzo highly believes in luck and superstitions, as he and Beppe instantly recognise anything that has to do with good or bad luck. Lorenzo will always do certain things that is considered good luck, such as; wearing a cornicello (an Italian good luck charm) around his buffer, touching iron by bumping into another set of buffers, turning right, holding his breath in tunnels and avoiding things that supposedly bring bad luck (such as going under a ladder, spilling salt, carring bananas, interacting with a black cat, etc.). Even though other engines tell him that luck is not real and that keeping a positive mind will make his day, Lorenzo believes that luck is always the answer to everything.

Technical Details


Lorenzo is based on an FS Class 743, however, the sandbox in front of his dome is based off on that on the Class 623. Forty-nine Class 743 locomotives have survived into preservation.


Lorenzo is painted ultramarine blue with red wheels, gold wheel rims and brass boiler bands. His cab and tender are decorated with red and gold stripes, similar to a music staff. His cab also features blue nameplates.


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  • He's the only steam engine in the series with a Z in his name.
  • Lorenzo's TrackMaster toy depicts him with various differences to his actual model, such as a differently-shaped tender and golden treble clefs on his cab sides. These may have been part of his original design.
  • His name is the Italian and Spanish form of Lawrence/Laurence.
  • He and Beppe share the same voice actor.
  • According to Engines Around the World, Lorenzo is from Verona, Italy.
  • Lorenzo is similar to Hiro, in the case that both are old engines who were lost for many years until being rediscovered by Thomas and returned to service.
  • Lorenzo's whistle is Rainbow Sun, Lexi, and Carlos’ original whistle, but at four steps lower-pitched.
  • Lorenzo is the fourth engine to be lost and then found, the others being Duke, Lady and Hiro.




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