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“I know why they didn't choose me. It's because of you!"
"Yes! It's always Lorenzo and Beppe this, Lorenzo and Beppe that! If they saw me as just Lorenzo, I'd have been picked!”
―Lorenzo and Beppe

Lorenzo's Solo is the seventeenth episode of the twenty-third series.


Lorenzo takes a larger coach in order to pull the opera singer Dame Bella Canto, but soon finds himself lost without his good friend Beppe.




UK and AUS


  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Anna Francolini as Gina and the Passengers
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as Lorenzo, Beppe and the Passengers
  • Flaminia Cinque as Dame Bella Canto


  • This is the first international episode where Thomas plays no significant role.
  • Apart from Thomas reading the title aloud, this episode does not include any narration, this is also the last time when this happened to date.
  • This is the only episode of the twenty-third series set in Italy that Ester and Stefano do not appear in. Despite Antonio Magro (Stefano's voice actor) being absent for this episode, Flaminia Cinque (who voices Ester) is present as Dame Bella's voice.
  • This episode's British air date coincides with the 75th anniversary of The Railway Series.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Solo de Lorenzo
Dutch Lorenzo’s Solo
Finnish Lorenzon Yksin
German Lorenzos Solo
Italian Un Duetto Perfetto
Japanese ロレンツォとオペラかしゅ
Polish Solo Lorenzo
Russian Соло Лоренцо
Spanish El Solo de Lorenzo

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