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“Stop bein' pushy!"
"I'm no' bein' pushy!"
"Ye pushed me when the signal changed!"
"You pulled me, more like!"
"I didnae!"
"Did too!"
"I didnae!"
"Did too!”
―Donald and Douglas arguing

Love Me Tender is the twelfth episode of the twentieth series.


Snow has come early to the Island of Sodor, and Donald and Douglas are tasked with clearing the tracks. The twins have a coach coupled between their tenders, allowing them to clear the line in both directions, much like they did during their first winter on Sodor. They stop at a junction to see which way they should go. Douglas suggests that they should clear the track up to Edward's Branch Line, but Donald does not think it is a good idea and decides that it is best to stick to the Main Line. Later, they arrive at another junction. This time, Donald suggests that they should clear the tracks to the Search and Rescue Centre for the emergency vehicles, but Douglas thinks it is best for them to stick to the Main Line. Donald ignores his twin, creating tension between the two.

The twins clear the tracks to the Search and Rescue Centre. On their way back to the junction, they get stuck behind Toby, who is being slowed down by the snow due to Donald ignoring Douglas' earlier suggestion to clear the Main Line.

When they get to another junction, Donald asks Douglas whether he would prefer to stay on the Main Line or clear the line up to the castle. Douglas remains silent, believing that Donald will ignore him regardless. The twins begin accusing each other of ignoring everything the other one says, so when the signal drops, they begin pulling in opposite directions. The coupling drawbar between Douglas and his tender breaks and Donald leaves Douglas at the junction, taking the coach and Douglas' tender with him. Donald is aware that he has left Douglas behind, but not that he has taken all of his coal and water.

As Donald passes Thomas at Crovan's Gate, Thomas questions where Douglas is. Donald says he left Douglas back at the junction as he leaves the station. Thomas quietly notes to Annie and Clarabel that Donald has both his own tender and Douglas'.

Back at the junction, Toby passes Douglas, who tells Toby that he has fallen out with his twin. Toby offers Douglas' help, which Douglas politely refuses. Toby leaves with Douglas' crew. Douglas does not mind; his fire has not gone out, so he is able to melt the snow on him.

Donald is on the other side of the island when he meets Thomas again. Thomas tells Donald that he has both his own tender and Douglas' tender. Donald is horrified, realising this means his brother is stranded in the snow without any coal and water.

Douglas' fire has gone out, so the snow is piling up around him. Donald passes him at the junction, but does not see or hear him, so he continues to search for him. Meanwhile, Douglas' crew has joined Toby's for cocoa in the washdown shed. Donald arrives and asks Toby where Douglas is; Toby tells him that he is still at the junction where Donald left him. Because the snow is getting deeper, Donald rushes back to the junction with Douglas' crew to find his twin.

Donald finds Douglas in a deep snowdrift. The twins apologise to each other, but Donald has run out of water. However, he does have Douglas' tender, so Douglas allows Donald to use his water. Donald leaves his snowplough at the junction and shunts Douglas to the Steamworks, happy to be back with his twin again.





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  • Going by production order, this is the eighteenth episode of the twentieth series.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the Elvis Presley song and film of the same name.
  • According to Davey Moore, the original title of the episode was "Donald and Douglas" but the producers changed it, likely because of how it was also the US title of the second series episode, Break Van.
  • This episode marks first for many things:
    • Donald and Douglas' first speaking roles in an episode since the twelfth series episode, Saved You!
    • The first episode where Rob Rackstraw voices Donald in both the UK and US dubs, taking over from Joe Mills.
    • The first episode to feature Donald and Douglas as main characters since the seventh series episode, Bad Day at Castle Loch. This also marks their only speaking roles in the twentieth series.
    • The first episode since the eighteenth series episode, Marion and the Dinosaurs, to not have Keith Wickham as part of the voice cast.
    • The first episode to air in both the United States of America and Canada on the same day.
  • This is the only CGI episode to exclusively use characters originating from The Railway Series. This is also the first time since the tenth series episode, Wharf and Peace, to do so.
  • Throughout the episode, a reworked arrangement of Donald and Douglas' classic theme can be heard.
  • Some of the dialogue was reused from the sixth series episode, Twin Trouble, as well as the second series episode, The Deputation.
  • According to a showreel by show composer Chris Renshaw, the episode was originally going to have different music at the ending.


  • Teresa Gallagher and William Hope are credited in the UK credits despite none of their characters speaking in that dub.
  • When Donald arrives beside the shed Toby is in and asks where Douglas is, Toby's steam cannot be heard as he chuffs forward.
  • When Donald switches tracks to take on water, Thomas can be seen pulling Annie and Clarabel in the distance, but when Thomas pulls up beside Donald and tells him that he has Douglas' tender, the coaches have disappeared.
  • Although Rob Rackstraw voices Donald in this episode, Joe Mills can be heard voicing both twins during the junction scene at the beginning.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Ama-me com Ternura
Czech Měj mě jemně rád
Dutch Broertjelief
French Deux frères inséparables
Hebrew שבת אחים גם יחד
Hungarian Testvérviszály
Italian Amore fraterno
Japanese ドナルドとダグラスはふたご
Korean 형제의 우애
Latin American Spanish Trátame Bien
Polish Kochaj mnie jak Brata
Portuguese Ama-me Com Ternura
Romanian Iubeste-ma ca pe un Vagon de Aprovizionare
Russian Братская дружба
Serbian Bratska ljubav
Slovenian Bratska ljubezen
Turkish Sev Beni Kömür Vagonu

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