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Lucinda is the name of several screw harbour tugboats. One of them is often moored at Brendam Docks. One of them was also moored at Dakar Docks in Senegal. [1]

Technical Details


Lucinda is based on the twin-screw harbour tugboat named Imara, built in 1931 by Fleming and Ferguson, Paisley, to work for the Tanganyika Railway Company at Dar es Salaam Docks in Tanzania. She was later renamed Perseverance when entering Royal Naval service in 1932. She was sold to the British Iron and Steel Corporation in 1958 and was scrapped in 1960.


Lucinda has a black and red hull with a white lining separating the two colours, a cream superstructure, and a red funnel with a black top. In the model series, Lucinda's name was painted on the sides of her bow in white, however, this was not present in the CGI series.


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Audio Files


Since Steam Team to the Rescue, Lucinda reuses and shares Captain's horn from the eighteenth series.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Steam Team to the Rescue Series 24




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