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Märklin is a German model train maker. Parts from their Gauge 1 models were used to make the engines of the television series.

They also released a limited range of Thomas & Friends merchandise in HO scale which were the Hornby models with Märklin compatible couplings and a pickup shoes to work on Märklin's C track that possesses a third rail. Because of copyright reasons, they were only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, although they did leak out to other countries (non-German speaking nations). The range was only released in 2006 and were discontinued shortly afterwards.


Rolling Stock


  • "Thomas and his Friends" Starter Set (Thomas with Annie, Clarabel and Sodor Fuel Tanker, oval track and controller)





Märklin's HO Thomas & Friends series is based on the following Hornby models:

Behind the Scenes

The following Märklin's Gauge 1 models and parts were used in the production of the television series:


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