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There have been several Thomas and Friends magazines printed around the world from 1987 onwards. There are many characters and stories exclusive to these magazines. Originally, they were published by Marvel Comics, who is more widely known for their superhero characters. However in 1999, by Issue #305, Marvel quietly discontinued them and Egmont took over in publishing Thomas magazines as they still do today.

Early 1990s magazine stories

During the early 1990s, there were seasonal magazines released during the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The stories are listed below:

Late 1990s Layout

During the late 1990s, the magazines were given a new layout:

  • 1) 5-page story (may feature character[s] on the front cover)
  • 2) 2-page story (with two illustrations)
  • 3) "Read-and Colour" story
  • 4a) "All About..." (character profile, plus a competition for an ERTL model)
  • 4b) Story from the television series, plus competition for an ERTL model.
  • 5) 3-page story featuring Stephen Hatt and Bridget Hatt as the main characters. These were a spin-off called "The Hatt Family".
  • 6) 5-page story (may feature the character[s] on the front cover)

The Hatt Family

  • Toy Trains - When the Fat Controller flies aboard Harold to redraw the railway map, Stephen and Bridget see the engines from a different point of view.
  • Doctors and Nurses - Some naughty trucks cause trouble for James.
  • The Flower Dome - James' old dome is put to good use.
  • The Daisy Chain - After shopping with Lady Hatt, Stephen, and Bridget see Thomas and decide that he deserves a present too.
  • Retirement Time - Henry's driver is retiring from the Fat Controller's railway.
  • The Brown Bear - Thomas jumps to the conclusion that Stephen and Bridget have the big brown bear with them.
  • Daisy and the Fish - Stephen and Bridget go to the harbour.
  • Harvest Time - Trevor helps out with the harvest.
  • Dressing Up - Are the Fat Controller and the stationmaster really leaving?
  • The Christmas Sacks - Thomas and Percy want presents in their coal sacks, but Diesel thinks they are silly.
  • Lights On - Stephen and Bridget learn about a variety of lights.
  • A Hole in One - The Fat Controller proves that he is good at golf.
  • Trusty Thomas - Thomas thinks Stephen and Bridget are not his friends anymore.
  • The Easter Cake! - Lady Hatt needs to bake a cake for the annual engine crew's meeting.
  • A Friend's Party - The Fat Controller's afternoon off does not go according to plan.
  • Keeping Dry - Heavy rain gets the better of Thomas as well as the Hatt family.
  • Misbehaving - Some trucks make Stephen and Bridget cross.
  • Puzzles - Stephen and Bridget's visit to the workshops gives them a surprise.
  • Station Mystery - The Fat Controller is upset.

Late 1990s/early 2000s magazine stories

The stories in the magazines often feature characters exclusively found in the magazines. Some examples are:

There are also other stories which did not introduce characters:

Fun to Learn with Thomas the Tank Engine

There was also a magazine series called "Fun to Learn with Thomas the Tank Engine". They had stories, mathematics, picture questions, and poems, as well as pictures from the television series. These magazines were originally published by Redan.


  • "Numbers" - Troublesome Trucks
  • "Houses and Homes" - Edward
  • "Turntables" - Sir Handel
  • "Annie and Clarabel" - Annie and Clarabel
  • "Passengers" - Donald and Douglas
  • "Harbours" - James and Henry
  • "Pulling and Pushing" - Culdee
  • "Coaches and Carriages" - Annie and Clarabel
  • "Goods and Freight" - Gordon
  • "Brave Engines" - Peter Sam
  • "Travelling Up and Down" - Culdee
  • "Off the Rails" - Donald and Douglas
  • "Surprises" - Duncan
  • "Trouble on the Line" - Edward
  • "Rescuers" - Harold and Henry
  • "Movement" - Henry
  • "Railway Rules" - Henry
  • "Henry" - Henry
  • "James" - James
  • "Gordon" - Gordon
  • "Hellos and Goodbyes" - Skarloey
  • "Travelling Up and Down" - Culdee
  • "Lost and Found" - Duck and Diesel
  • "Engine Parts" - James
  • "Colors" - Sir Handel
  • "Names" - Mavis
  • "Seasons" - Oliver
  • "Castles" - Percy
  • "Noisy Engines" - Diesel
  • "Christmas" - Thomas
  • "Busy Days" - Trevor
  • "Special Events" - Peter Sam
  • "Special Railways" - Percy
  • "Tricks and Jokes" - Oliver

My First Thomas


Aside from the fortnightly Thomas and Friends UK magazine, the Play and Learn magazine, and the Express Special magazine, for a short while, My First Thomas magazines were published fortnightly. They contained rhymes and simple illustrations and stories.

Present Layout

  • Welcome page with map showing a different location on Sodor per issue
  • All about... (character page)
  • Activity page (drawing or colouring)
  • Spotting/Spot the Differences
  • Story from television stories
  • 2-page Bedtime story
  • 3-page story
  • Jumble story
  • Sodor Quiz
  • Thomas World

Introduced Characters

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Thomas magazines around the world

In Europe


Egmont's Thomas and Friends magazine has been released in other European countries too.

The magazines are not just translated. The local editors choose what stories, posters, and games they want to put in them. The magazines are not released in the same order as in the UK.

The magazines are still available in: Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary and other countries. However, they were discontinued (along with the books collection) in: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and maybe other countries too. In Romania, the first issue was released in September 2008 and the last in December 2013.