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Magical Adventure was a PC and Mac game exclusively released in Japan in 1998. Players get to drive as Thomas, Percy or Gordon, and they can play a few minigames, as well as watching a few episodes from the series. It contains two episodes from the first series, three episodes from the third series, and one episode from the fourth series



The player can travel around the Island of Sodor with Thomas, Percy or Gordon watching six episodes from the television series, along with mini games, or playing activities with Sir Topham Hatt.



Characters Episodes


  • Most of the game footage was from filmed sets from the fifth series and from the Swanage Railway in the UK.
  • This game has six episodes.
  • The game also came with a mousepad of the game cover.
  • James' theme plays each time the player plays a minigame.
  • Mavis' theme plays during the Sorting The Tracks game.
  • Clips from Thomas Comes to Breakfast, Edward and Gordon, The Sad Story of Henry, Gordon and the Famous Visitor, Tenders and Turntables, Percy, James and the Fruitful Day, Toby and the Stout Gentleman, A Close Shave, Break Van, Oliver Owns Up, Heroes, Pop Goes the Diesel, The Diseasel, Daisy, Down the Mine, Thomas and Trevor, Thomas, Terence and the Snow, Bertie's Chase, Bulgy and All at Sea are used in the character bios.


  • Thomas' Anthem is played in English instead of Japanese. This is because it is ripped from Percy's Ghostly Trick and Other Thomas Stories.
  • Edward's theme plays when Gordon is used, and Bill and Ben's theme plays when Percy is used.
  • Gordon has Duck's whistle sound.
  • James has Edward's whistle sound.
  • Sir Topham Hatt's statement before Thomas' Anthem plays is also heard in Sing-Along and Stories 1.
  • In the character bios, Annie and Clarabel do not appear in the second series episode, Edward's Exploit, because the picture is a mistake.


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