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This article is about North Western Railway station. You may be looking for Marthwaite on the Mid Sodor Railway/Arlesdale Railway.

Maithwaite is a station and small hamlet on Thomas' Branch Line. It is located between Elsbridge and Hackenbeck. Maithwaite was once the winner of the Best Dressed Station award, despite some school boys vandalising the flower arrangements in Baa!.

Maithwaite Forest, The Lightning Tree, a quarry mine, Ruth's Workshop and a showground are located nearby.


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  • The exact location of the station was unknown until 2014, when the revised television series map of Sodor clarified it as being on Thomas' Branch Line.
    • A map from a Blue Mountain Mystery bonus feature had previously shown it situated in the east of Arlesburgh, but the map likely mistook it for Marthwaite.
    • Despite being on Thomas' Branch Line, it is sometimes treated as if it is on the Main Line. This is especially true in the later model seasons and early CGI, like how the Express stopped there occasionally, and in Hero of the Rails, when Gordon races Spencer to Maithwaite.
  • Maithwaite used to be on display at Nitrogen Studios.
  • Tidmouth Bay and Killaban reused Maithwaite's building. Harwick also reused the right portion of the building.
  • Heavily modified versions of Maithwaite appear in China and Australia.
  • According to the fifth series episode, Baa!, this is Toby's favourite station.
  • In The Great Festival Adventure, a water tower was placed on the platform.
  • Maithwaite has had numerous modifications throughout the years:
    • Series 5:
      • There was only one track going past the platform.
    • Series 6:
      • The track became double-lined, the water and coaling siding disappeared.
      • The station building had an overhang. This is most likely because the station building for Killaban used in Thomas and the Magic Railroad was repainted.
    • Series 7:
      • The overhanging canopy is removed.
    • Hero of the Rails:
    • Series 13 (excluding Tickled Pink and Double Trouble):
      • It returned to its original beige colour.
    • Series 18:
      • The sign on the station platform (to the right-hand side of the station building) moved to the left-hand side of the station.
      • The road leading to the station became dirt.
    • The Great Race:
      • Signals were added just outside the station.
  • Maithwaite is based on Angerton railway station.
  • Maithwaite Street in Columbus, Ohio, is named after the town.
    • Maithwaite is also the only location from the television series to have this distinction.