“Come on Hiro, let's make you happy!”

Making Hiro Happy is a magazine story illustrated using images from the television series.


Hiro is feeling sad and does not know why. Thomas can see that he is upset and gets Percy to tell him a joke, but Hiro does not laugh. He tells Thomas that he may be missing Japan. Thomas tells Hiro that he should have a fun day to take his mind off things. While Thomas plans fun activities for Hiro, the old engine makes himself even more sad thinking about his friends back home.

The first stop on their fun day out is the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Thomas hopes that seeing all of the coming and goings would cheer Hiro up, but it does not. Next they head to Misty Island. Thomas is sure that puffing through the Hollow Tree Tunnel will lift Hiro's mood, but it does not. Thomas refuses to give up and he takes Hiro to the busy Logging Station. Suddenly, Hiro smiles. Seeing all of the Jobi Wood reminds him of Japan where they have loads of Jobi trees. Hiro asks Thomas if they can go and find some Jobi trees to look at.

Thomas and Hiro soon arrive at the Jobi Woods, where Hiro beams. He felt as if part of Japan was with him there on Misty Island. Now, whenever Hiro feels sad, he knows to return to Misty Island to see the Jobi trees.





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