This article is about the Chinese DVD. You may be looking for the episode or the magazine story.

Marion and the Dinosaurs (also known as Volume 52) is a Chinese DVD featuring five eighteenth series episodes.


Marion has been digging along the mainline and is spending the night sleeping on a siding. A sound wakes her up and she sees a long line of dinosaurs going past in the moonlight! Marion thinks it must be a dream and tells Thomas as much the next day, but then the dinosaurs return and chase Marion all that way up to the castle. Where, thankfully, she discovers that they are actually model dinosaurs for the Earl's new Dinosaur Park!


  1. Emily Saves the World
  2. Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
  3. Marion and the Dinosaurs
  4. Samson at Your Service
  5. Samson Sent for Scrap
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