Mark V, nicknamed "Ivo's Flying Bedstead" by the railway staff, is a petrol driven trolley that the Thin Controller and Mr. Hugh use to get around the Skarloey Railway.


The Railway Series

Mr. Ivo Hugh built the first trolley shortly after 1953 in the Railway's own workshops. By 1987, after three other trolleys, he was using Mark V. It is parked at the siding near Cros-ny-Cuirn station and Mr. Hugh uses it to patrol the line and travels on it to and from Crovan's Gate every day. It is commonly known as "Ivo’s Flying Bedstead".


Ivo's Flying Bedstead is based on the Talyllyn Railway's "Toby", a small four-wheeled personal carrier that can pull a couple of wagons if required. It was built by John Bate and entered service in 1955. "Toby" was named after Toby the Tram Engine.



  • There have been five different trolleys used on the Skarloey Railway, hence the current one being Mark V.
  • The term "Mark" is often used to refer a different version or model of a product. The numbers used to refer each trolley are in Roman Numerals.

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