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Marvellous Machinery is a UK/AUS DVD containing two double-length special episodes and two regular-length episodes from the twenty-fourth series of Thomas & Friends.


When the Earl and his inventor friend Ruth host a Technology Fair at the castle, all sorts of amazing inventions find their way to Sodor, including Kenji – a brand-new electric engine said to be the fastest in the world! But as Thomas worries about the effect technology might have on his future, two sneaky thieves and their engine, Sonny – look to secure their own fortunes by making off with one of the marvellous inventions. It will be up to Thomas, Ruth, and the Steam Team to stop the thieves in their tracks!

Special Episodes

  1. A New Arrival
  2. World of Tomorrow


  1. Sonny's Second Chance
  2. Kenji on the Rails Again

Bonus Features




  • The episodes are combined together on this DVD.
  • This is the last Australian DVD release of the original Thomas & Friends series due to the original show's conclusion in 2021.
  • The DVD was going to be released for a theatrical release in the UK and Australia in 2020, however it was cancelled due to concerns regarding COVID-19.


  • There are a few mistakes shown in the credits:
    • William Hope is credited for voicing Toby, despite not voicing him in the UK dub. He voices him in the US dub.
    • Edward is not listed under Keith Wickham's list of characters.
    • Kerry Shale as credited for voicing Diesel but he doesn't appear in this movie.
    • The outline surrounding the text is missing.



  • Kenji

Push Along

  • Sonny
  • Rocket Thomas


  • Kenji (only sold in Japan)

Capsule Plarail

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese おいでよ!未来の発明ショー!
Spanish Máquinas Maravillosas

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