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Mavis' Shed is a small engine shed located at Ffarquhar Quarry. Mavis sleeps here.


The Railway Series

When Mavis was bought by the Ffarquhar Quarry Company in 1962, a single-road wooden shed was built for her at the quarry.

While Mavis and the quarry appeared multiple times in The Railway Series, the shed itself only made one appearance. It was here that Mavis asked The Fat Controller for permission to run down the line to Ffarquhar from time to time.

Thomas & Friends

Mavis' Shed made its first appearance in the third series, then returned three series later. Unlike the shed in The Railway Series, the shed in the television series is made out of stone. It also has an extra two-road shed next to it, where visiting engines such as Thomas, Edward, Bill and Ben, Diesel or 'Arry and Bert sleep.

When Tidmouth Sheds was being rebuilt, Edward took shelter for the nights in the secondary shed. The shed was later modified to be open-ended, with tracks running through it. When the Sodor Slate Quarry was opened, a similar shed was constructed there.


Television Series only



  • Mavis' shed has undergone various modifications throughout the television series:
    • Series 13:
      • The one-road shed becomes much shorter in height.
      • The wall at the back of the two-road shed is removed and tracks now run all the way through it.
    • Thomas the Quarry Engine:
      • A clock is added to the two-road shed in place of the top window.