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This article is about the album. You may be looking for the online videos.

Meet the Steam Team is an album released by Mattel in 2020 to celebrate the franchise's 75th anniversary. It features 14 songs from the television series.


  1. Thomas, You're the Leader
  2. Sounds
  3. Emily
  4. All You Need Are Friends
  5. Thomas and Percy
  6. There's a Job for Everyone
  7. Racing to the Wharf
  8. Ode to Gordon
  9. Busy
  10. Party Time
  11. Pride
  12. Navigation
  13. You Can Only Be You
  14. Buffer Up and Share


  • The extended versions of 'There's a Job for Everyone' and 'Racing to the Wharf' can be heard in this album.
  • None of the featured songs are from Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell, but rather are they only from Seasons 8 to The Great Race.
  • This is the first album to feature the full version of 'Thomas, You're the Leader.


  • On the cover, Emily's tender is clipping through her body.