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Michael White is a British/Northern Irish writer and voice actor. He is an episode writer for Thomas & Friends

As well as a writer, Michael also has a passion for railway modelling and animation.

Episodes Written

Series 22

Series 23

Series 24

Special Episodes Written

Series 24


  • Before joining Thomas, Michael is known on social media and the Sodor Island Forums as WhitehouseFilms.
  • His favourite character is Edward.
  • His favourite series is Series 2, and his favourite episode is Thomas Comes to Breakfast.
  • As a modeller, he created replicas of Wilbert Awdry's original model engines and his Ffarquhar layouts.
  • He also created four replica versions of the original wooden engine toy of Thomas using the same methods and materials made by the Rev. W. Awdry. The second version was made as a thank you gift to Christopher Awdry[1], the third version was made for Daniel Coffey[2] and the fourth made for Sam Wilkinson.



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