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Several types of narrow gauge coaches have been used on the Mid Sodor Railway. In the television series, they shared the same coaches as the Skarloey Railway.

In the Railway Series, Cora, Gertrude, Millicent, the Saloon Coaches and some turquoise coaches were former carriages of the Mid Sodor Railway, they were later rescued, restored and repainted by the Skarloey Railway.

Mid Sodor Railway Coaches

The Mid Sodor Railway owned at least twenty-six coaches before the railway closed down. Some of these coaches ran on bogies and were used as an express train. No less than eight of the bogie coaches have been rescued and restored at Crovan's Gate. They are now in regular service on the Skarloey Railway, one of which is used as a saloon for V.I.P.'s. [1]


The coaches are painted blue with red buffer beams.


The coaches are based on Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway's joint passenger carriages 10, 16 and 23.

The "Picnic"

The Picnic was a train for holidaymakers who visited the Mid Sodor Railway. Usually taken by Duke, the train ran between Easter and Michaelmas. The train left Arlesburgh at ten o'clock, stopping at all of the stations on the line and many beauty spots along the way, until reaching Peel Godred. The return run left Peel Godred at three-thirty and arrived back at Arlesburgh by ten past five in order to give passengers enough time for high-tea at half past five.


The coaches in The Railway Series are painted blue with red buffer beams. The coaches in Thomas & Friends are painted green with cream window surrounds.


The coaches are based on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway's joint passenger carriages 10, 16, 20, 21 and 23. In Thomas & Friends, the coaches are based on the Llanberis Lake Railway's 4-wheeled coaches.



  • It is unknown what happened to the coaches that were not rescued, it's most likely that they were turned into Workmen Huts, henhouses, beach huts or were scrapped.
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