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“If engines can't whistle properly, they shouldn't try!”
―Mike complaining about Duck

Mike's Whistle is the nineteenth episode of the twentieth series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book Small Railway Engines.


One day, Thomas arrives at Arlesburgh Junction to pick up some ballast for his branch line. He is laughing to himself and explains to the miniature engines that Duck's driver boiled an egg on his whistle and some of the egg got stuck, resulting in Duck's whistle making high-pitched flatulent noises. He tells the engines not to laugh, but cannot hold in his laughter as Duck arrives with passengers and complains about the situation in front of his embarrassed driver. As Duck and Thomas leave, Mike tells the others that if an engine cannot whistle properly, they are not a proper engine. Rex teases him, causing Mike to get cross, and his steam pressure goes so high that his safety valve blows off. The Small Controller finds out that Mike is overheating and puts him on passenger duty and Bert on goods duty, much to Mike's annoyance, as he hates passenger trains.

As Mike is pulling his passenger train, he becomes convinced that Rex and Bert are making fun of his whistle because they are jealous. To reassure himself, he begins whistling at everything in sight, even though he is only required to do so at certain points on the line that are indicated by boards.

Mike's driver checks him over and cannot figure out what is wrong. On the return journey, his driver hears something rattling, but Mike objects to have it checked until they get back to Arlesburgh. However, the line is blocked by a cow, and Mike attempts to shoo it off with his whistle. He blows it so hard and so loud that the cap shoots off like a rocket and lands out of sight in a field. His driver and guard try to look for it, but the passengers are getting impatient, and the cap is nowhere to be found. So instead, the passengers volunteer to whistle for him by making noise whenever they pass the boards where he is required to whistle.

Mike is late returning to Arlesburgh, where he finds Duck, whose whistle has been fixed. Duck sympathises with Mike, but has to leave as Thomas arrives. Rex calls Mike an "improper engine", prompting Bert and Thomas to join in on the teasing. Mike regrets getting annoyed so easily, but is finally able to have a laugh at his expense.




UK and AUS

US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Steven Kynman as Duck, Mike's Driver and Some Passengers
  • Tom Stourton as Rex and Duck's Driver
  • Tim Whitnall as Mike
  • Keith Wickham as Bert and Some Passengers
  • Rob Rackstraw as Fergus Duncan
  • Teresa Gallagher as Some Passengers

Adaptation Notes

  • Mike exclaims "Get out of my way, you silly animal!" at the cow, instead of "Get out of my way, you stupid animal!" in the original book. This was likely to avoid any criticism for alluding to profanity in the television series.
  • An inclusion of Thomas was added to bookend the episode.
  • The Small Controller's punishment for Mike was omitted and the episode's ending was instead changed to Mike learning his lesson after losing his whistle and getting teased at by Bert, Rex and Thomas.



  • The Korean title of this episode is 마이크의 경적 소리 (Mike's Horn) however, Mike does not have a horn.
  • In the opening shot, Rex's wheels and side rods are not moving.
  • Rex and Bert can be heard whistling a bit early in the opening shot.
  • When Duck's whistle is heard for the first time, Thomas' US voice can be heard laughing in the UK dub.
  • When Mike is complaining about Duck's whistle, he appears to be rotated on the turntable twice.
  • When Mike returns to Arlesburgh West, the narrator says that Duck is waiting for Mike's passengers, but Duck leaves before the passengers had left Mike's train.
  • When Mike yells "Shoo, Shoo, Shoo!" to the cow, the cow's tail clips through her body.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Duck appears to leave the station only a few seconds after he has stopped, with no time for passengers to board or disembark his coaches.
  • When Mike returns to Arlesburgh, his whistle cap has somehow returned.
  • At the end of the episode, Mike returns to Arlesburgh West from the wrong direction. Because of this, he is not on the right track for his passengers to disembark, yet they are seen walking along the platform anyway.
  • When Mike tells Duck he had a problem with his whistle, a passenger with a light blue suit's body disappears right before the camera cuts to Mike again.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Apito do Mike
Czech Muckova píšťalka
Dutch De Fluit van Mike
French Le sifflet de Mike
Hebrew המשרוקית
Hungarian Mike sípja
Indonesian Peluit Mike
Italian Il fischio di Mike
Japanese マイクのきてき
Korean 마이크의 경적 소리
Latin American Spanish El Silbato de Mike
Polish Gwizdek Michała
Romanian Fluierul lui Mike
Russian Гудок Майка
Serbian Mikova zviždaljka
Slovenian Mihova piščalka
Turkish Mike'ın Düdüğü

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