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Milk tankers are specialised wagons used for transporting milk.

On the Ffarquhar Branch Line, a milk tanker is used for transporting milk down from local farms to the dairy at Elsbridge. Each morning, Toby collects a milk tanker from the dairy on his way to the quarry and leaves it at Ffarquhar for Thomas to take on his first train. Occasionally, Daisy also pulls the milk tanker, though she used to avoid this job.

Tankers with faces appear in Toad Stands By.

Technical Details


These tankers are based on standard 14-ton pre-war tankers common across most of regions. In the Railway Series they are based on six-wheeled tankers.


The milk tankers are painted white with black stripes. They formerly had "TIDMOUTH MILK" painted in blue on both sides. Since the switch to CGI, the milk tankers have a logo of a cow in a blue circle on both sides, replacing the former "TIDMOUTH MILK" title.

In The Railway Series, the milk tankers are painted golden yellow.


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  • In the first two series, due to budget limitations, the milk tankers were painted half white and half black, with the latter side being used for the tar tankers. Just like when Old Coaches were painted on the same models from the same reason.
  • In the television series, three milk tanker models were constructed.
  • The three milk tanker models are currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • In The Railway Series, the tankers have six wheels instead of four.
  • In the televised adaptation of Daisy, the milk tanker is called a van due to the script being copied nearly word-for-word from the original story.
  • Milk tankers with faces appeared in the fourth series episode, Toad Stands By.



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