“Caroline is just like a milkfloat, because she only goes slowly too!”

Milk and Motors! is a rebus magazine story.


One morning, Thomas is waiting at a level-crossing to let the milkman over the tracks on his milk float. The milkman apologises to Thomas because his milk float cannot go very fast. At last, the line is clear and Thomas is able to puff on his way.

While the milkman is busy making his deliveries, Thomas has fetched some trucks. On his way back, he meets up with Caroline who is motoring steadily along. Thomas has not gone far when he meets the milkman again. His milk float has broken down and the milkman is worried. As Thomas waits at a nearby signal, Caroline motors in to sight. Thomas asks her if she will help the milkman complete his rounds. Caroline is happy to help and she is soon loaded up with milk crates. Thomas thinks Caroline makes a splendid milk float.


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