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Mines of Mystery is a double-length special episode and the fourteenth episode of the twenty-third series. It marks Part 2 of the Digs and Discoveries miniseries.


Thomas wants to impress his friends by finding an amazing discovery. It is not long before his wish is granted, although not in the way he had expected.






  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Anna Francolini as Gina, the Children and the Passengers
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as Lorenzo, Beppe and a Worker
  • David Menkin as Jack
  • Tom Stourton as Alfie
  • Tim Whitnall as Oliver
  • Kerry Shale as Max
  • Rob Rackstraw as Monty
  • Teresa Gallagher as Brenda
  • Antonio Magro as Stefano


  • As this episode is among the three double-length special episodes of the twenty-third series, the other two being All Tracks Lead to Rome and Steam Team to the Rescue, it actually has no fixed placement among the twenty regular episodes, according to SiF's Twitter.[1] However, this episode and its predecessor All Tracks Lead to Rome take place before all the Sodor-based episodes due to Thomas being on his worldwide adventure, and they both also take place directly prior to the two regular-length Italy-based episodes of the series, Lorenzo's Solo and Too Loud, Thomas!
  • Stock footage of All Tracks Lead to Rome is used.
  • Jack mentions the events of either the first series episode, Down the Mine or Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.
  • A brief instrumental of The Work Song is heard when Thomas and Gina travel to the dig site with the Sodor Construction Company.
  • The fantasy sequence is a parody of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • This episode marks Alfie's first appearance since the twentieth series episode, Mucking About and his first appearance voiced by Tom Stourton, who took over from Nathan Clarke.
  • This is the first episode where other Sudrian vehicles join Thomas in an international location. Wish You Were Here is the first instance, but only in a fantasy sequence.
  • Kevin may have been planned to appear in this episode, as he was featured in multiple pieces of merchandise under the Digs and Discoveries banner. However, he did not make an appearance in any of the episodes featuring Italy or the Sodor Construction Company in the twenty-third series, possibly due to his role being cut at the last minute. Therefore, his only appearance in this series was Gordon Gets the Giggles.


  • When Thomas was talking to the Sodor Construction Company, Gina was derailed.
  • When Thomas was pulling Lorenzo and Beppe out of the Old Mines, Lorenzo was clean, but seconds later, he was dirty again.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Polish Tajemnicze Kopalnie
Russian Загадочная шахта
Spanish Las Minas del Misterio

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