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“You're our very own legendary adventurer, Thomas!”

Mines of Mystery is the third and final double-length episode of the twenty-third series.


Thomas wants to impress his friends by finding an amazing discovery. It is not long before his wish is granted, although not in the way he had expected.





US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Anna Francolini as Gina, the Children and the Passengers
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as Lorenzo, Beppe and a Worker
  • David Menkin as Jack
  • Tom Stourton as Alfie
  • Tim Whitnall as Oliver
  • Kerry Shale as Max
  • Rob Rackstraw as Monty
  • Teresa Gallagher as Brenda
  • Antonio Magro as Stefano


  • Production-wise, this episode and its predecessor, All Tracks Lead to Rome, as the two specials that form a two-part story, are placed in the exact middle of the regular-length episodes of the twenty-third series, between Thomas Makes a Mistake (the tenth episode production-wise) and Grudge Match (the eleventh episode production-wise).
  • Stock footage of All Tracks Lead to Rome is used.
  • Jack mentions the events of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.
  • A brief instrumental of The Work Song is heard when Thomas and Gina travel to the dig site with the Sodor Construction Company.
  • When Stefano saves Thomas, Lorenzo, and Beppe, the original Thomas & Friends theme composed by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell is heard.
  • The fantasy sequence is a parody of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • This is the first episode where other Sudrian vehicles join Thomas in an international location. Wish You Were Here is the first instance, but only in a fantasy sequence. This is the second time that Sudrian characters have joined Thomas. The first time was Really Useful Around the World: Thomas makes Scary Faces in New Zealand.
  • Kevin may have been planned to appear in this episode, as he was featured in multiple pieces of merchandise under the Digs and Discoveries banner. However, he did not make an appearance in any of the episodes featuring Italy or the Sodor Construction Company in the twenty-third series, possibly due to his role being cut at the last minute. Therefore, his only appearance in this series was Gordon Gets the Giggles.
  • This episode marks the first of several things:
  • This episode along with the previous marks the only two to feature Andrew Brenner as head writer.
  • This episode marks the last time that Thomas says his catchphrase, "Cinders and ashes!"
  • This is the sixth time Thomas goes down a mine. The first time was in the first series episode, Down the Mine (which was also re-created in CGI in Blue Mountain Mystery), the second was in The Great Discovery, the third was in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, the fourth was in Big World! Big Adventures!, and the fifth was in the previous episode/special All Tracks Lead to Rome.
  • This is the fourth time an engine is lost and gets found. The first being Duke in the fourth series episode, Sleeping Beauty, the second being Lady in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, and the third being Hiro in Hero of the Rails.
  • In Japanese version, the scene of “Funiculì, Funiculà” is replaced by the music video of Legend of the Lost Engine.
  • The Korean version was released with low pitch version in South Korea.
  • The Korean version was made from 25th June 2020, but it was released on VOD on 23rd July 2020.
  • The Korean version did not show the Mattel logo when the credits were finished.
  • This episode was shown on VOD before airing on television in South Korea.
  • This episode was released on VOD before airing Series 22 on television in South Korea.
  • Alfie is shown to almost be vomiting, because he is sea sick. This is the first episode to show a sentient road vehicle or engine to be able to do so.
  • The plot element of discovering Lorenzo and Beppe was in prototype biographies for Beau towards Big World! Big Adventures!, as it is said that Thomas saved him after he was abandoned. However, this is sort of swapped, as Beau saved Thomas after his crash.
  • The last episode was dubbed in Võru for Kidzone TV.


  • When Thomas was talking to the Sodor Construction Company, Gina was derailed.
  • When Lorenzo's fire is being stoked up, the cab interior shown is actually Gordon's.
  • When Jack says "I like the sound of this story!" while inside Stefano, only his face moves while his body remains stationary.
  • When Thomas was pulling Lorenzo and Beppe out of the Old Mines, Lorenzo was clean, but seconds later, he was dirty again.
  • When Thomas brakes in the old mine, the squealing sound effect plays before his wheels stop moving.
  • Montserrat Lombard is credited despite not voicing any characters in the episode.
  • In one scene, Alfie's conflat and Oliver's low-loader clip into each other.
  • When Thomas and Gina take the Pack to the dig site, Max and Monty keep switching places as they roll along the road.
  • Max has Monty's horn sound when Thomas almost runs into him.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Minas do Mistério!
Dutch De Mysterieuze Mijnen
Estonian Salapärased Kaevandused
Finnish Mysteerin Kaivokset
German Das geheimnisvolle Bergwerk
Italian Un Tesoro Ritrovato
Korean 광산의 수수께끼
Latin Spanish Las Minas del Misterio
Latvian Noslēpumainās Raktuves
Lithuanian Paslaptys Anglies Kasykloje
Polish Tajemnicze Kopalnie
Russian Загадочная шахта
Spanish La Mina del Misterio

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