Minimax is a Czech, Bosnian, Hungarian and Romanian TV channel. The channel was originally owned by Canal+, but in 2007, Chellomedia (now AMC Networks International) acquired Minimax from the original owner. The channel airs Thomas & Friends episodes and many other TV shows. Its Polish equivalent is MiniMini.

Currently broadcasts in:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian)
  • Serbia/Kosovo (since 2007)
  • Hungary (since 6th December 1999)
  • Romania (since 1st June 2001)
  • Slovenia (since 2013)
  • Czech Republic (since 15th September 2004, replacing Supermax)
  • Slovakia (Czech, since 2003)
  • Moldova (Romanian)
  • Macedonia (Serbian)

Thomas & Friends in those countries

Tomas i drugari - Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia

Thomas şi prietenii săi - Romania, Moldova

Lokomotiva Tomáš - Czech Republic, Slovakia

Lokomotivček Tomaž in prijatelji - Slovenia

Thomas és barátai - Hungary

Series premieres on Minimax

Specials premieres on Minimax


Thomas adverts on Minimax






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