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“Thinking about Gator makes me happy too. I learned a lot from him. He taught me how to be a better, braver engine!”

Missing Gator is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Long ago, an engine named Gator visited Sodor. He taught Percy to be brave and when Gator left, Percy missed him terribly.

One day, Salty sees Percy looking sad. Percy explains that he had been thinking of his friend Gator. Cranky tells Percy that he needs to keep busy to take his mind off Gator.

So, Percy works hard and keeps very busy indeed. Soon, Percy is sent to the Earl's estate to pick up some trucks for the Docks. Percy is trying to keep so busy, that he doesn't wait to be coupled to the line of trucks. Percy pushes the trucks along the line until he gets to a big hill. On the way down, the trucks race away and Percy cannot keep up.

The trucks crash straight through a boarded-up old mine. It is dark inside and Percy is very scared. Percy stops and thinks of some advice his old friend Gator had told him. Percy is still scared, but knows he can be brave. He travels deep into the old mine and manages to find the wayward trucks. He pushes them out of the mine and all the way to the docks.

Back at the docks, Salty sees Percy again. Salty thinks Percy is still thinking about Gator and making himself sad, but Percy explains that thinking of Gator makes him happy, too.




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