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Mister Moose's Fun Time was a TV programme that aired on Fox Family Channel from 17 August 1998 to around 2000. It is a spinoff to the 1997 reboot of Captain Kangaroo, as titled The All New Captain Kangaroo. It regularly aired episodes from the first series through the fourth of Thomas & Friends, as told by George Carlin.

The programme features the cast of the reboot, Mister Moose, Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Greenjeans, Bunny Rabbit and Joey the Kangaroo. As they tell jokes relating to the day, they present live action and animated segments from other internatonal programmes. The segments used came from Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

This program also marked the first American television appearances of The Wiggles which predated The Wiggles television series premiering on Fox Family Channel on 3 May 1999.


  • Jamie the Mouse (Denmark)
  • Bob and Scott (France)
  • Slurps (Spain)
  • Big Sister and Little Brother (Sweden)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (United Kingdom)
  • The Wiggles (Australia)
  • Funnybones (United Kingdom)
  • I.C. Ice and the Icebergs (Germany)

Thomas Episodes

(Note: * means an episode was confirmed by someone who saw it by memory)

From Unknown Mister Moose's Fun Time episodes


  • When Fox Family was in development, the original title for Mister Moose's Fun Time was supposedly "The Captain's Toon Room", but it was probably changed to include Mister Moose's name in the title.
  • When the show aired on Fox Family, it aired on a block called "Captain Kangaroo's Treasure House" which usually aired for two hours before Toon-A-Casserole. The shows that aired between it were Shining Time Station and The Magic Adventures of Mumfie, both of which being Britt Allcroft's series.
  • According to Paul Pistore, who performed as Mister Moose in this series, there have been about sixty episodes made. As such, they would have possibly had sixty episodes of Thomas within the programme.
  • Paul has confirmed that after Disney bought Fox Family, the programme was vaulted by them along with The All New Captain Kangaroo due to the advertising of rival Florida-based theme parks like SeaWorld and Busch Gardens in said programme.
  • Looking back, Paul says that his favourite segments were Thomas the Tank Engine, I.C. Ice and the Icebergs and Bob and Scott.
  • Whenever Thomas' segment would be coming up next Thomas' chuffing and whistle pattern when he wakes Gordon up for the second time in Thomas Gets Tricked would be heard in the Treasure House as the characters would react to it.
  • Some of the Thomas episodes that were never shown on Shining Time Station due to the programme ending back in 1996. Some were episodes that were originally narrated by Ringo Starr that were shown on Shining Time Station, but not re-narrated by George Carlin and only appeared for home video releases. Others were episodes that were seen on original airings of Shining Time Station on PBS, but were cut for time on Fox Family. For example, No Joke for James was originally featured on the PBS airing of the episode, Oh, What a Tangled Web, but it was cut from the Fox Family airing and aired on Mister Moose's Fun Time. Finally, some were episodes that were excluded from being seen on Shining Time Station for content issues. The two episodes, Daisy and Percy's Predicament were never shown on Shining Time Station at all, due to Rick Siggelkow's disapproval of Daisy's design being sexist at the time and both the stories featuring Daisy were first released on Daisy and Other Thomas Stories in 1993 until Mister Moose's Fun Time aired them in 1998.