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“I can find another hat. But I will never find another Thomas.”
―The Fat Controller

Misty Island Rescue is a feature-length Thomas & Friends special released as a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack in the US on 7th September 2010 and on DVD in the UK and Ireland on 11th October 2010.


A new Search and Rescue Centre is being built on the Island of Sodor as a base of operations for Harold, Rocky and a new lifeboat named Captain. Special, strong, deep-red Jobi wood from Hiro's homeland is being used to make the Centre. All the engines are very excited and all want to help deliver the Jobi wood to the Rescue Centre. Frustrated at being teased by Thomas for not being a steam engine, Diesel decides to prove his superiority over the steam engines by taking the Jobi wood to the Rescue Centre himself and races down the tracks. Thomas sees that Diesel is going too fast and chases after him. The chase leads to Thomas saves Diesel from falling over the edge of the unfinished bridge overlooking the Rescue Centre, but the Jobi wood crashes into the sea below. Now the Rescue Centre cannot be built.

As a reward for his daring rescue, Thomas is allowed to visit a Search and Rescue Centre on the Mainland. He is then told there is no room on the steam boat, but Thomas notices a raft behind the boat and asks to be carried on it. Thomas says goodbye to his friends at Brendam Docks and heads across the sea to the Mainland. That night the raft carrying Thomas becomes separated from the steam boat and Thomas ends up alone and stranded on the mysterious Misty Island - a wild and wonderful island with a multitude of secret hideouts, rickety tracks and bridges. Thomas discovers that the island has its own railway and meets the three engines, known as the "Logging Locos", who run it - Ferdinand, Bash and Dash. Although they offer him to join them, he rejects them out of fear of them and attempts to look for a way off the island. Meanwhile, out at sea, Harold and Captain carry out a search party to look for Thomas as the Fat Controller rallies the engines to look for Thomas on Sodor.

Thomas later tries to go to the logging locos for help, though they are angry at him for rejecting them. Thomas also notices that Misty Island has plentiful supplies of the rare Jobi wood and attempts to try and take them back to Sodor, but has trouble dealing with the loading crane Ol' Wheezy and uses the last of the oil to try and (unsuccessfully) use it on the other machine, Hee-Haw. Despite this, the others help Thomas get the Jobi Wood and he attempts to find his way back to Sodor with the logging locos and uncovers a tunnel that connects the two islands.

Thomas decides to go through the tunnel back to Sodor, but he and the Logging Locos get trapped after the tunnel falls in and they run out of fuel. Thomas however manages to make smoke signals Salty told him about. After being spotted by Percy, the Fat Controller, James, Edward and Gordon sail to Misty Island in hopes of finding Thomas while Percy and Whiff go through the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Thomas gets upset about how what he'd done. The Logging Locos however comfort him for what he did and laugh with him about how they were initially from the mainland until they were sent away for being naughty. They are soon rescued as Percy and Whiff come to the blockade, break through to Thomas and they all puff back to Sodor. Thomas introduces Bash, Dash and Ferdinand to Sodor. After finding out that the Fat Controller, Edward, Gordon and James are on Misty Island, Thomas rushes back there again and finds them to the delight of everyone.

After the Logging Locos are given the Sodor treatment at the Steamworks, they help to build the Rescue Centre. They finish it in time and it is soon opened, as the Fat Controller welcomes the Logging Locos to Sodor. As the engines are laughing with their new friends at the Search and Rescue Centre, Diesel 10 rolls up on the mountain ledge, sniggers and glares down at the engines remarking that they will laugh on the other side of their boilers soon.


Characters Introduced




US and CAN

Rupert Degas was the original voice of Diesel 10 in both the UK and US versions, but was replaced by Matt Wilkinson for the final cut.

Bonus Features



  • "The Search for Thomas" game
  • Misty Island Rescue Karaoke music video
  • Sir Topham Hatt Karaoke music video


  • Misty Island Rescue Theatrical Trailer
  • Day of the Diesels Trailer
  • 100 Years of Wilbert Awdry


  • Misty Island Rescue Karaoke music video


  • Nitrogen Studios began pre-production on this special in June 2009.[1]
  • This special marks the first of several things:
    • Diesel 10 and Butch's first appearances since The Great Discovery their first appearances in full CGI, as well as Diesel 10's first speaking role since Calling All Engines!
    • Salty's first appearance since the twelfth series episode, Henry Gets it Wrong and his first appearance in full CGI, as well as his first speaking role in a special.
    • Whiff's first appearance since the twelfth series episode, Toby's Special Surprise and his first appearance in full CGI.
    • Stanley's first appearance since the twelfth series episode, Thomas Puts the Brakes On and his first appearance in full CGI, although he was suppose to have appear in Hero of the Rails, the first full CGI Thomas production, but he was dropped for unknown reasons.
    • Harold's first appearance since the twelfth series episode, James Works it Out.
    • Mr. Percival's first appearance since the twelfth series episode, Push Me, Pull You.
    • The first appearance of Coastal Cliffs since the ninth series episode, Saving Edward and its first appearance in full CGI.
    • The first special in which Annie and Clarabel do not appear.
    • The first special to have Thomas off Sodor.
    • The first special released on Blu-ray for the US and Australia. It was also originally released on Blu-ray in the UK and Ireland in April 2011, but HiT cancelled the plans at the last minute.
    • Sharon Miller's first special as voice director and her only special as creative producer.
    • The first special to have a post-credits scene.
    • The first special to have Kim Hye-seong as part of the Korean voice cast for K.NET.
    • The first special to have Shin Yong-u and Um Sang-hyun as part of the original Korean voice cast.
  • This marks the only of few things:
    • Bash and Dash's only appearances in a special.
    • Whiff's only speaking role in a special.
    • Not counting portrait cameos in specials afterward, this is Ferdinand's only appearance in a special.
    • Jo Jordan's only special as creative producer.
    • The only special to have Ji Jin-hee and Oh Byeong-jo as part of the original Korean voice cast.
    • The only special directed by Jo Jeong-ran for the original Korean dub.
    • The only special recorded and mixed by Lee Seong-joo (CIC Media) for the original Korean dub.
  • This special also marks the last of a few things:
    • The last special narrated by Erik de Zwart in the Netherlands.
    • The last special to feature a game in the UK and Irish DVDs.
    • The last special to lack a HiT producer.
    • The last special released on DVD in South Korea until Tale of the Brave.
    • The last special imported by COCABAN for the original Korean dub.
    • The last special translated by Nam Ji-hyun for the original Korean dub.
    • The last special to have Korean subtitles until Tale of the Brave.
  • Matt Wilkinson joins the US voice cast.
  • This special was shown in select UK, Irish, US and Australian theatres. It was also shown on many PBS stations a few weeks before its release in the US and later aired in the UK on Channel Five's Milkshake on Christmas Eve 2010 and then again on Easter Sunday 2011, with Diesel 10's scene omitted. It also aired on PBS Kids Sprout on 20th August 2011, in the UK and Ireland on Nick Jr. on 28th October 2012 and in Norway on TV 2 on 29th December 2013, 3rd January 2014, Easter 2014 and Christmas Eve 2011 on ABC4KIDS, but when it aired the third time on the ABC on 26th October 2014, Diesel 10's scene was omitted.
  • Stock footage from the thirteenth series episode, Henry's Good Deeds is used.
  • The trailer used footage from the thirteenth series episode, Thomas and the Runaway Kite.
  • Ferdinand says "That's right!" seventeen times during the special. However, "That's right!" in total was said twenty times in the special with the Fat Controller and Thomas.
  • Diesel 10 was originally voiced by Rupert Degas during production of the special, but Matt Wilkinson took over the role. However, his voice is deeper than in his future roles.
  • Diesel 10's appearance foreshadows Day of the Diesels. That scene was a last minute decision made by Nitrogen Studios.
  • This special takes place between the thirteenth and fourteenth series.
  • When the Fat Controller answers the phone in his office, a calendar can be seen behind him. It has a 2011 layout, the same year Day of the Diesels, the next special, was released. That also can indicate that the special could take place in 1960, since it has the same calendar layout.
  • The events of this special are mentioned by Paxton and Sidney in Big World! Big Adventures! during the song, Where in the World is Thomas? as well by Judy and Jerome (who had both yet to be introduced in 2015) in the twentieth series episode, The Missing Breakdown Train.
  • In the Japanese dub, the scene of James saying "The mist is too thick" was cut out.
  • A flashback of Diesel dropping the logs in the water was later seen in Blue Mountain Mystery.
  • Starting from this special until the fourteenth series, Diesel receives a new horn sound like that of an American diesel. It was also used for him in some games and some merchandise. This would later be reused for Mavis starting with the fifteenth series onwards (excluding Day of the Diesels and Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor).
  • The Misty Island Rescue song was never dubbed in Korean, however, the K.NET version plays the instrumental version.
  • During Diesel 10's closeup shot, it is shown that one of the hoses to his claw was taped up. This indicates that this was the hose that Mr. Conductor cut to escape from him in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, and that he somehow got that wire taped up later on.
  • This is the second special not dubbed in Hebrew.
  • This is the third special not dubbed in Italian.
  • This special takes place in April, as seen on the calendar in the Fat Controller's caravan.
  • In the original Korean dub was showed at cinema on 5th May 2011 and 5th May is a children's day in South Korea.


  • Jules de Jongh is accidentally credited in the UK dub despite not voicing any characters in that dub.
  • Michael Brandon is not credited in the US dub for voicing Diesel.
  • The quarry walls at the slate quarry have tints of pink.
  • When the other engines whistle goodbye to Thomas, Salty shuts his eyes like the rest of the engines as if he is honking his horn, but no horn is heard.
  • When the Fat Controller peers into the Misty Island Tunnel, Whiff has no lamp. However in the next shot, he gains one.
  • When the engines whistle at Tidmouth Sheds, Emily has Rosie's whistle sound.
  • During the night scene, the steam-boat's mast lights are backwards: the green light is for starboard (right) and the red light is for port (left).
  • When Thomas arrives at the Logging Station, and the camera pans up, Bash is barely seen near the bottom left before he starts moving a few seconds later.
  • When Thomas and the logging locos puff towards the tunnel, Thomas is pushing a flatbed of Jobi logs, but when they arrive at the tunnel's entrance, he is pulling it.
  • When Whiff and Percy enter the Misty Island Tunnel from Sodor to find Thomas, they are facing forwards, but when the engines start back to Sodor they have turned around and are facing forwards again. Also, Whiff's glasses are crocked in the tunnel scene.
  • In the UK dub, it is said that Thomas had to be coupled up to some "freight cars" of bricks. However, freight cars is an American term for trucks.
  • Approximately thirty-six piles of Jobi logs were on the steamboat, however only three are unloaded onto Diesel's train.
  • Like in the thirteenth series, Bertie's radiator is missing.
  • In South Korea, this special is stated to be the third Thomas movie on the trailer and DVD.
  • In the original Korean dub, Knapford is mistakenly pronounced with its "k" sounding.
  • In the original Korean dub, the cinema and VOD version's credits were said that surround audio mixed by Lee Seong-joo (CIC Media) but the Korean DVD actually has a 2.0 Stereo audio and the DVD version was removed Korean credits.
  • The wood in the opening credits is Oak logs in spite of Misty Island having Jobi logs.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Resgate na Ilha Misteriosa
Chinese Mandarin 雾雾岛大救援
Czech Záchrana Mlžného ostrova
Danish Fanget på tågeøen
Dutch Gered op Misty Eiland
Finnish Pelastustehtävä Usvasaari
French Opération secours sur L'Ile de Brume
German Rettungseinsatz Nebelinsel
Greek Διάσωση στο νησί της ομίχλης
Hungarian Kaland a Ködfátyol szigeten
Indonesian Penyelamatan Pulau Misty
Italian Fuga dall'Isola Nebbiosa
Japanese ミスティアイランド レスキュー大作戦!
Korean 극장판 토마스와 친구들 3: 비밀스런 안개 섬 (Original)
안개 섬 구출작전 (Alternate)
Latin American Spanish Rescate de la Isla Misteriosa
Norwegian Redningsaksjon på Tåkeholmen
Polish Przygoda na Wyspie Mgieł
Portuguese Resgate na Ilha da Bruma
Romanian Aventură pe Insula Ceții
Russian Спасение с Туманного острова
Slovenian Resevanje Na Skrivnostni Otok
Spanish Operación de Rescate en la Isla de la Niebla
Swedish Dimslöjornas Ö
Thai ตอน เกาะลับในม่านหมอก
Turkish Misty Adası'ndan Kurtuluş


Wooden Railway

  • Thomas at Sea (discontinued)
  • Bash (discontinued)
  • Dash (discontinued)
  • Ferdinand (discontinued)
  • Captain (discontinued)
  • Captain's Shed (discontinued)
  • Harold's Helipad (discontinued)
  • Ol' Wheezy (discontinued)
  • Misty Island Adventure Set (discontinued)


  • Bash (discontinued)
  • Dash (discontinued)
  • Percy and Search Cars (discontinued)
  • Misty Island Track Pack (discontinued)
  • Sodor Search and Rescue Cars (discontinued)
  • Shake Shake Bridge Set (discontinued)
  • Zip Zoom Logging Adventure Set (discontinued)
  • Misty Island Discovery Set (discontinued)


  • Bash (discontinued)
  • Dash (discontinued)
  • Ferdinand (discontinued)
  • Captain (discontinued)
  • Thomas and the Raft (discontinued)
  • Harold and the Search Cars (discontinued)
  • Edward and the Jobi Tree (discontinued)
  • Rescue from Misty Island Set (discontinued)

Mega Bloks

  • Sodor Search and Rescue (discontinued)
  • Adventures on Misty Island (discontinued)

Motor Road and Rail

  • Dash
  • Thomas and Bash Log Wagon Set
  • Back and Go Thomas! Misty Island Set

Capsule Plarail

  • Bash
  • Dash
  • Ferdinand
  • Captain
  • Shake Shake Bridge
  • Ol' Wheezy
  • Sodor Search and Rescue Centre

Collectible Railway

  • Bash
  • Dash
  • Ferdinand
  • Bash on Misty Island


Magazine Stories


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