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“Hooray for Thomas!"
"And hooray for the Logging Locos! Welcome to all of you!”
―The engines and Sir Topham Hatt

Misty Island Rescue is a US magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


A new Search and Rescue Centre is being built on the island. Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas to take the next steamboat to the Mainland to collect some extra strong Jobi Wood. Thomas decides that he will not wait for the next steamboat and rides on a raft behind a steamboat which is already there. Unfortunately, during the trip, the chain holding the raft breaks leaving Thomas lost at sea. Thomas is worried as he floats on the sea for hours until it gets dark and foggy. After a while, Thomas crashes into some land.

Thomas does not know where he is, but then he hears a strange voice belonging to a strange engine. The engine tells Thomas that he is on Misty Island where they log the strongest Jobi tree wood. Thomas is surprised; he has heard stories about the island, but never believed it was a real place. The island is home to three very strange, but friendly engines named Bash, Dash and Ferdinand, the Logging Locos. Thomas explains that he needs some Jobi to take back to Sodor. The Logging Locos are happy to help.

As the Logging Locos load the last truck of Jobi logs, Thomas realises that he has a problem; how will he get back to Sodor? Bash explains that there is a dark, dangerous tunnel they can try.

They all puff into the tunnel, but are soon in trouble. Rocks crash down all around them until they are trapped. Luckily, Ferdinand has an idea and tells Thomas to puff his funnel under a hole in the roof so that hopefully someone on Sodor will see the steam.

The engines on Sodor have all been looking for their lost friend. Percy sees the steam signal and thinks that it must be Thomas. Sir Topham Hatt orders Whiff and Percy to rescue Thomas and tells them to push through the tunnel. Percy and Whiff head into the tunnel and smash their way through the fallen rocks until they get to Thomas.

Percy, Whiff, Thomas and the Logging Locos all puff out of the tunnel entrance. Thomas declares that he has found Misty Island, the Jobi trees and three really useful engines who helped him. All the engines give Thomas three cheers and Sir Topham Hatt welcomes the Logging Locos.