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The Misty Valley Branch Line starts from the Peel Godred Branch Line, south of Peel Godred to Callan Castle. Kirk Machan, Black Loch, and Callan Castle are located here. Cyril the Fogman also lives close to this line in his cottage.

The branch line was introduced in the fourth series and appeared up until the eleventh series. The branch line and Callan Castle were reintroduced in CGI in the fifteenth series.

Route and Operations

The line goes through Misty Valley, passing by Cyril's cottage and the campgrounds. The line then travels past Black Loch and over a causeway, before it ends and loops around at Callan Castle.

Donald and Douglas often run goods along this line to Callan Castle, though Oliver and Toad occasionally take goods along the line as well.

Passenger services on the line were often taken care of by Emily and her two coaches. She was given the route for the summer after an accident at The Flour Mill. Prior to this, James worked the route.

Rolling Stock


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Coaches and Trucks

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Misty Valley Branch Line