“I've had a whale of a time!”
This article is about the 2006 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2004 magazine story'.

Monster Mistake is a magazine story.


One sunny day, Thomas chuffs cheerfully to the sheds along the seaside track. Thomas soon stops being cheerful when he spots a black hump in the sea. Thomas, who is sure that it is a monster, races away. At the sheds, Thomas tells Diesel and the Scottish twins about what he has seen. Diesel tells him it is the "Sea Monster of Sodor". Thomas, to prove he is not scared, goes to the seaside track again the next day. As Thomas arrives, he gets a huge shock; there is a "giant fish" on the beach. The driver explains that it is a whale that must have swam into shallow waters. At the next station, the driver phones for help and soon the whale is eased back into the sea.



  • Diesel is grey throughout the whole story.


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