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“W-what's th-that?
"It's a monster! Help!”
―Donald and Douglas

Monster Mistake! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Donald and Douglas love working on the Fat Controller's railway, but sometimes they miss their old home in Scotland. One day, the Fat Controller comes to see the twins. He tells them that there is to be a big party at Lord McCallan's castle and he needs the twins to take the food, flags, balloons, and bagpipes to the castle. Donald and Douglas are very excited; going to Lord McCallan's castle would be like going home to Scotland again.

Donald and Douglas soon set off with all of the things for the party. They puff around the lake towards the castle, but a tree has fallen across the line. Donald decides to back up, but suddenly there is a big rumbling noise. Rocks tumble down onto Douglas' brake van, pushing it off the rails. Not able to go forwards or backwards, the twins are stuck. Douglas' driver goes for help, but the hours pass and it grows dark and cold. The twins begin to feel scared; they had heard stories about a monster that lives in the lake by the castle. Then they hear a noise. Through the mist, a huge neck and body begins to appear. It is heading straight towards Donald and Douglas. Luckily, it is only Harvey.

By morning, Harvey has cleared the line and Donald and Douglas are able to steam to the castle. Lord McCallan's workers are waiting to unload their trucks. Donald and Douglas are very pleased to have gotten everything to the castle in time for the party. Meanwhile, the Fat Controller rings Lord McCallan to check if his two engines had arrived safely before he travels to the party. Lord McCallan is grateful that the Fat Controller had sent two such smart engines and hopes they can stay for the party. The Fat Controller agrees to let them stay. Donald and Douglas watch the Scottish dancing and hear the bagpipes play. Douglas admits that it is just like being in Scotland.




  • Lord Callan is called Lord McCallan.

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