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This article is about the original name for the international range. You may be looking for the Japanese Die-Cast range.

Motor Road and Rail (previously known as Tomica World and currently Plarail Thomas (Japanese: プラレールトーマス) in Japan) is a battery-operated toy train system manufactured by TOMY. The engines run on plastic blue track and the roadway vehicles run on a grey road. Motor Road and Rail is not fully compatible with other Thomas toy brands, although the vehicles in the range are the same gauge as and fit well on Wooden Railway track and vice-versa.

Outside Asia, HiT Toy Company bought the licence for the range in 2007 and replaced it with the TrackMaster range.

Thomas & Friends


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 1992 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-01, TS-01, 7440 Sold with Annie and Clarabel; reissued in 1993, 2012 and 2018
Henry 1993 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-03, TS-03, 7442 Sold with a van, log wagon, and three logs; van removed in later releases; reissued in 2003 with a grey "happy" faced Troublesome Truck and a grey "laughing" faced Troublesome Van in Asia and then a red truck in 2018
James 1994 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-05, TS-05, 7444 Sold with a cattle truck and brake van; brake Van removed in later releases; reissued in 2003 with a Tar Tanker and grey "laughing" faced Troublesome Van in Asia and with a green Brake Van in 2014
Percy 1994 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World) 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-06, TS-06, 7445 Sold with a Sodor fuel tanker and mail van; reissued in 2003 in Asia with the Mail Van being replaced by a grey "laughing" faced Troublesome Truck
Gordon 1995 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-04, TS-04, 7443 Sold with a green express coach; reissued in 2012 and 2015
Edward 1996 (Plarail); 2001 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-02, TS-02, 7457 Sold with a grey "laughing" faced Troublesome Van and a grey "laughing" faced Troublesome Truck (Asia version replaced the "laughing" faced truck with a "angry" faced truck variant); reissued in 2012 and 2018 with a yellow Troublesome Van
Toby 1997 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail T-07, TS-11, 7441 Sold with Henrietta and a grey "sad" faced Troublesome Truck; reissued in 2012
Duck 1997 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-08, 7446 Sold with S.C. Ruffey and Toad
Diesel 1997 (Plarail); 1999 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-11, 7449 Sold with a Tidmouth Milk Tanker and Sodor Fuel Tanker
BoCo 1997 (Plarail); 2002 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-12, 4796 Sold with a grey "shocked" faced Troublesome Truck and Tar Tanker
Donald 1998 (Plarail); 2002 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-09, 4794 Sold with two grey Troublesome Trucks ("angry" and "happy" faced variants); later reissued with only one truck
Oliver 1998 (Plarail); 1999 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-10, 7450 Sold with two red coaches
Ben 1999 (Plarail); 2001 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-13, 7458 Sold with two grey Troublesome Trucks ("happy" and "sad" faced" variants) and four rock loads
Mavis 1999 (Plarail); 2002 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-15, TS-15, 7451 Sold with the Breakdown Train; reissued in 2012
Stepney 1999 (Plarail); 2002 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-14, 4797 Sold with a grey "mischievous" faced Troublesome Truck and Brake Van
Lady 2000 (Plarail); 2001 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-19, 7454 Sold with two red violet Troublesome Trucks ("laughing" and "mischievous" faced variants)
Diesel 10 2000 (Plarail); 2001 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-18, TS-09, 7455 Sold with two yellow ochre Troublesome Trucks ("happy" and "sad" faced" variants); reissued in 2012 and 2016
Splatter and Dodge 2001 (Plarail); 2002 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-20, 4756 Sold with the works unit coach
Powerful Gordon 2002 590547 Features Gordon with an angry face and a red Express Coach
Salty 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) T-16, 4798 Sold with two black Troublesome Trucks ("happy" and "laughing" faced variants) and four tarpaulin loads
Harvey 2003 T-17, TS-14, 4799 Sold with a motorized works unit coach and flatbed; reissued in 2014
Emily 2004 T-36, TS-13, 4814 Sold with one of her coaches; reissued with a grey Brake Van in 2008, 2012 and 2018
Murdoch 2004 T-22, 4816 Sold with a grey "sad" faced Troublesome Truck
Spencer 2004 T-21, TS-10, 4813 Sold with one of the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's coaches; reissued in 2012
Arthur 2005 T-23, 4815 Sold with a grey "sad" faced Troublesome Truck, grey "laughing" faced Troublesome Van and two fish loads
Douglas 2006 4924 Sold with a red "happy" faced Troublesome Truck
Bill 2006 4925 Sold with two grey Troublesome Trucks ("happy" and "sad" faced" variants) and four coal loads
Skarloey 2006 T-25, 4756 Sold with two blue narrow gauge coaches
Rusty 2006 T-26, 4755 Sold with two red narrow gauge coaches
Molly 2006 T-29, 4922 Sold with a faceless green truck
Neville 2006 T-28, 4920 Sold with a red van
Dennis 2006 T-27, 4923 Sold with two grey faceless trucks and four roof tile loads
Mighty Mac 2006 T-30, 4921 Sold with a motorized green narrow gauge coach
Sir Handel 2007 T-33, 4915 Sold with two burgundy narrow gauge coaches
Duncan 2007 T-32, 4916 Sold with two narrow gauge slate trucks and four slate loads
Rosie 2007 T-31, TS-12 Sold with two grey faceless trucks and two balloon loads; reissued in 2012 and then in 2018 in her new red livery and with two red trucks
Freddie 2007 T-35, 4918 Sold with two green narrow gauge coaches
Rocky with a red flatbed and a crate 2007 4914
Stanley 2009 T-34, TS-14 Sold with a blue "shocked" face Troublesome Truck, log wagon, and three logs; reissued in 2012
Hiro 2011 T-14, TS-07 Sold with a slate truck and two loads of blue paint; reissued in 2012 and 2018
Dash 2011 T-26, TS-16 Sold with two trucks and four loads of logs; reissued in 2012
Belle 2012 TS-08 Sold with a water tanker and a Vicarstown Dieselworks tanker; reissued in 2018
Victor 2012 TS-18 Sold with a truck and flatbed
Flynn with a water tank trailer 2013 TS-19
Luke 2013 TS-20 Sold with a red truck, yellow log wagon and two blue paint loads
Stephen 2014 TS-15 Sold with a red log wagon with a crown load
Connor 2014 TS-16 Sold with one of his coaches
Gator 2015 TS-18 Sold with an unmotorised Marion and light blue log wagon with permanent rock load
Ryan 2016 TS-14 Sold with an unmotorised Skiff and yellow truck
Streamlined Thomas with Annie and Clarabel 2017 TS-20 Based on The Great Race; reissued in 2018
Shooting Star Gordon with a coach 2017 TS-21 Based on The Great Race; reissued in 2018
Hurricane 2018 TS-22 Sold with an unmotorised Frankie and a ladle truck
Ashima 2018 TS-23 Sold with tanker and brake van
Caitlin 2018 TS-24 Sold with one of her coaches
Rebecca 2019 TS-08 Sold with a blue tanker
Yong Bao 2019 TS-18 Sold with a red slate truck
Nia 2019 TS-22 Sold with a Brazilian coffee truck and an African van; only available in Thomas and Nia and Ace Go! Go! Adventure Set; reissued in 2020 with yellow van with patterns and green truck
Hong-Mei 2019 Only available in 3-pack with Ringing Rajiv and Winged Thomas
Lorenzo with Beppe 2020 142188
Gina 2020 142195 Sold with two trucks with photos of Jack and Brenda
Kenji 2022 TS-12

Non-Rail Vehicles

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Bertie 1996 (Plarail); 1998 (Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) TC-01, 7447 Reissued in the Thomas and Bertie Over the Rainbow set and in the "Full Sounds! Railroad Crossing" set, the latter of which is unmotorised
Bulgy 1998 (Plarail and Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) TC-03, 4812, 7448 Had both original and vegetable bus versions; vegetable bus version released in 2004
Lorry 1 2001 (Plarail and Tomica World); 2003 (Motor Road and Rail) TC-02, 7453 Initially only available in Tomica World in the A Day Out With James Set
Elizabeth 2003 TC-04, 4784 Initially only available in Plarail in the "Thomas and Elizabeth" set
Thomas Land Express 2005
Ace 2019 Diecast form


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Diesel, Freight, Wagons, and Cargo 2003 7459 Features Diesel with S.C. Ruffey, some Troublesome Trucks with loads and the Breakdown Crane
Surprised Thomas with the Jet Engine 2003 T-24, 4742 Comes with a DVD featuring Thomas the Jet Engine
Metallic Thomas, Annie and Clarabel 2005 708438 Only in Asia
Steam Along Thomas with Annie and Clarabel 2005 719533, 5685
Thomas with the Chinese Dragon and a Troublesome Truck 2006 4826 Comes with a DVD featuring Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
Sodor Crane Set 2006 5567 Features the Breakdown Crane, a Fuel Tanker and S.C. Ruffey
Red Express Coach 2006 TF-04
Raspberry Syrup Tanker 2006 TF-05 Features a brown buffer
Blue “shocked” faced Troublesome Truck with two grey rock loads 2006 TF-02
Brown “sad” faced Troublesome Truck with barrel loads 2006 TF-03
Green “angry” faced Troublesome Truck with two fruit loads 2006 TF-01
Annie and Clarabel Set 2006 5571 Features Annie, Clarabel, a Milk Tanker and a Red Van
Sodor Passenger Car Set 2006 5568 Features a crate car, an Express Coach, Henrietta and Toad
Busy Bee James with flatbed 2007 T-34, 4919
Chocolate-covered Percy 2007 4912 Sold with a Sodor fuel tanker and mail van
Percy and Happy Action Wagons 2009 363279 Features Percy, Elephant Car, Monkey Puppet Car, Red Music Box Car and Carnival Cattle Van
Thomas' Conductor's Carriage Ride 2009 Features Thomas with a snowplough and open carriage with conductor
Percy and Circus Wagons 2009 372370 Features Decorated Percy, Bumpy Circus Crates Truck, Rotating Mixer Car, Blue Slate Truck with Chickens and Circus Cattle Van
Hero of the Rails Set 2010 372363
Thomas on Parade Set 2010 378297 Released in celebration of the Railway Series’ 65th anniversary; features Bunting-covered Thomas, Decorated Truck with Bumpy White Chocolate load, Decorated Brake Van, Decorated Chocolate Tanker, Old Slow Coach and The Fat Controller in a white suit
James and Pasture Wagons Set 2010 393986 Features Decorated James, Decorated Milk Churns Truck, Moving Cow car and Slate Truck with Pigs
Hiro and Aquarium Wagons 2011 418320
Tired Face Thomas with Annie and Clarabel 2011
Surprised Percy and Rocky 2011 T-28, TS-17 Reissued in 2012
Gordon and Zoo Wagons Set 2012 470564 Features Decorated Gordon, Moving Zoo Picture Car, Elephant Car and Slate Truck with Fruit Crates
Fire-Engine Flynn and Diesel 10 Rescue 2012 465928
Patchwork Hiro 2013 483779 Based on Hero of the Rails
Mystery of the Blue Mountain Pack 2013 494911 Based on Blue Mountain Mystery; features Victor in his yellow livery, Kevin and a red Breakdown Train
Percy and Dinosaur Wagons 2014 804147 Features decorated Percy, Dinosaur Bones Wagon, Dinosaur Eggs Wagon, Tanker and Cattle Van
James and Amusement Park Freight Cars 2014 804154 Features decorated James, Merry-Go-Round Freight Car, Pirate Ship Freight Car and Cattle Van
Connor and Caitlin Super Express King of the Railway Set 2014 805754 Features Connor, Caitlin and a truck with King Godred's crown
Ōigawa Railway Thomas 2014 Sold with two orange coaches
Bees Chasing Along With James 2015 838852 Features shocked James with red nose, Moving Bumblebee Car, Moving Ladybirds Car and Honey Van; based around Buzz, Buzz
Percy and Zoo Wagons 2015 838234 Features decorated Percy, Moving Elephant Wagon, Birds and Piano Animal Park Freight Car, Gorilla Animal Park Freight Car and Green and Pink Panda Van
Looking for Pounding Treasure Set 2016 858294 Based on Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure; features muddy Thomas, Skiff, Sailor John and Marion
Green Thomas and Black James First Story Set 2016 875451 Based on The Adventure Begins, Reissued 2021
Ōigawa Railway James 2017 Sold with an orange coach
25th Anniversary Blue Shiny Thomas Party Set 2017 898870 Released to celebrate Plarail's 25th anniversary; features Metallic Thomas with bow tie, decorated Winston with Sir Topham Hatt, Spinning Birthday Cake Car, Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Drink Tanker and Firecrackers Van
Keihan 10000 Thomas 2017 2017
Friends Set 2018 Features Harvey, Marion and Beresford
Doctor Airplane Thomas! Around World Set 2019 Features Winged Thomas, Hong-Mei and Rajiv
Red, Green and Blue Salt vans 2020
Dinosaur Park wagon and Dynamite wagon 2020
James and the Bee Race 2022 TS-14 Based on Buzz, Buzz, re-release of Bees Chasing Along With James without the Honey Van or Ladybirds Car/
Thomas and Color Matching Wagon 2022 TS-24

Ringing Tekoro Engines

All of the engines in this range are unmotorised.


  • Thomas
  • James
  • Percy





Talking engines

Talk 'n' Action Engines

In 2000, Talk 'n' Action engines were released with the ability to "talk" using special green pieces of track. The engines' first car is connected to them and cannot be uncoupled. Three of them were released outside of Japan.


  • Talk 'n' Action Thomas with Annie and Clarabel
  • Talk 'n' Action Henry with fish van and log car
  • Talk 'n' Action Gordon with green express coach
  • Talk 'n' Action James with cattle truck and brake van
  • Talk 'n' Action Percy with fuel tanker and mail van


  • Talk 'n' Action Toby with Henrietta and truck
  • Talk 'n' Action Diesel 10 with Splatter and Dodge

Plarail Talking Engines

In Japan, a line of engines that talk in Japanese were released in 2004.

  • Thomas with Annie and Clarabel (only in Coal and Water Depot set)
  • Percy with works coach and fuel tanker
  • James with red Express coach
  • Gordon with green Express coach
  • Henry with green Express coach
  • Edward with mail van

In 2010, the talking engines were discontinued but in 2013, some of the engines were brought back with updated cars and new voices from the ninth series-present voice cast.

  • Thomas with Annie and Clarabel
  • Percy with a mail coach and brown wagon
  • James with a blue express coach
  • Hiro with a red open car
  • Gordon with an express coach

Pullback Engines

These engines were chunky plastic toys created and distributed by TOMY in 2004. There was a set that was released that contained all three engines.

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Percy


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Panorama Bag 1994 (Plarail)
Rail Drawbridge 1998
Long Rail Tunnel 1998
Road and Rail Tunnel 1998
Engine Turntable 1998
Road Turntable 1998
Country Station 1998
Road Tunnel 1998
Automatic Crossing 1998
Elsbridge Crossing station 1998 Also known as the Thomas Crossing Station
Bridge Crossing 1998
Thumper and Boulder Scenery Set 1999
Thomas Going Out 1999
Talking Caroline at Wellsworth Station 2000
Talking Trevor at Vicarage Orchard 2000
Harold and Windmill Scenery Set 2003
Switchyard and Sidings 2003
Sir Topham Hatt's Office 2004
Conductor's Office 2004
Knapford Station 2005
Suspension bridge 2005
Engine Sheds and turntable 2005
Water tower and coal loader 2005
Mail Office 2005
Sodor engine wash 2006
Steam Along water tower 2006
Quarry loader 2006
Cranky and Bulstrode at the Docks 2007 Was previously exclusive to sets
Harold and cargo delivery 2007
Sodor Rail Yard 2007
Roller Coaster Mountain 2007
Thomas Rail Map 2007
Thomas Go Out Solid Map 2014
Load and Unload! Cranky in the Big Harbour 2014
Big Thomas 2015
Fold up Thomas Storage Box 2015
Thomas Put Away Play Map 2016
Pororon Station 2016
Who is there? Hide and Seek Tunnel 2017
Melody Windmill 2017
Fish! Fish! Bridge 2017
Full Sounds! Railroad Crossing 2017

Expansion Packs


  • Diesel expansion pack - Diesel with a milk wagon, fuel tanker and tracks
  • Talking Percy expansion pack - Talk 'n' Action Percy and tracks


  • Railway expansion 1 - fuel tanker, truck, brake van and oval of track with sidings


  • Railway expansion 2 - milk wagon, boxcar, truck and oval of track
  • Track expansion pack
  • Thomas Track Expansion Pack
  • Station Crossing Accessory Kit


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas the Tank Engine set 1992 (Plarail version); 1999 (Tomica World version) Had two versions; one from Plarail, the other by Tomica World
Thomas and Cranky Crane train set 1999
Thomas dump car set 1996 (first version); 1999 (second version) Had two versions
Henry the Green Engine set 1992
Thomas Starter set 1998
Thomas Medium set 1998
Thomas Big set 1998
Thomas Deluxe set 1998
Thomas Giant set 1999 (first version); 2006 (second version) Had two versions
Donald and Douglas Snowplough set 1999 Based on The Deputation
Lady and Diesel 10 Chasing Set 2000 Based on Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Thomas Adventure set 2001 Later re-released as Talking Thomas and Harold Adventure set
Talk 'n' Action Magic Rail set 2001
Thomas Bucket set 2001
Thomas and Freight Cars set 2001
Thomas Going Out set 2001
Percy and Bulgy set 2002
A Day Out with James Set 2002
Thomas and Terence Deluxe Action set 2002 Also known as the Thomas and Terence Adventure set and the Thomas at the Timber Yard set
Thomas Station set 2002
Thomas first Plarail set 2002
Bill and Ben Harbour Friends set 2002
Thomas Snowplough set 2003
Thomas and Elizabeth set 2003
Thomas Holiday set 2004
Thomas' Big Race 2004 Based on Thomas and Bertie
Talking Thomas Coal and Water Depot set 2004
PlaKids Town Emily set 2004 Set exclusive to Japan. Includes an open-able Emily's brake coach.
Green Bulgy Roadway Expansion pack 2004
Bertie Motor on the Road Set 2004
Thomas Ultimate set 2005 (first version); 2006 (second version) Had two versions, second of which was a Toys R Us exclusive
Steam Along Thomas set 2005
Water Tower Steam set 2005
Thomas and Cranky Deluxe Action train set 2005
The Great Race 2005 Based on Thomas and Bertie
Thomas and Bertie set 2005 (first version); 2007 (second version) Had two versions
Thomas' Railway Fun set 2005
Thomas Water and Coal Station set 2005
Harold at the Helipad set 2005
Calling All Engines! set 2005
Thomas at Harold's Heliport set 2005
Knapford Station Extension Rail set 2005
Thomas All Aboard Set 2005
Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 2006
Thomas Engine Wash set 2006
Sodor Quarry Loader set 2006
Maithwaite Station set 2006
Thomas and Percy Bucket set 2006
Thomas Bridge and Quarry Mine Set 2006
Thomas Mega set 2007
Thomas and Jeremy Airport set 2007
Thomas at Roller Coaster Mountain set 2007
Roller Coaster Mountain set 2007
Thomas and Jeremy's Airport set 2008
Stanley at the Station 2009
Thomas colourful turn rail set 2009
Thomas at the Suspension Bridge 2009
Thomas Basic set 2009 (first version); 2013 (second version); 2018 (third version) Had three versions
Thomas Chugs Along Set 2009
Thomas and Hiro set 2010
Thomas' Cruise set 2010
Emily Sloping Rail Set 2010
Percy with Action Freight Car Set 2010
Sodor Island Set 2010
Thomas and Wagons set 2011
Thomas and Bash Log Wagon set 2011
Back and Go Thomas! Misty Island set 2011
Roller Coaster Mountain and Engine Sheds set 2011
Keihan 700 Thomas set 2011
Thomas and Round and Round Bridge Set 2011
Thomas Works set 2012
Fire-Engine Flynn and Thomas set 2012
Thomas and Percy Knapford Station rail set 2012
Thomas Tunnel set 2013
Thomas Bumpy Mountain Pass set 2013
Thomas Pounding Mountain set 2014
Let's Create! Thomas Rail Visual Scene set* 2014
Get Started with Plarail Thomas! Simple Combination Rail Set 2015
Move in Voice! My Friends Thomas Set 2016
Plarail Thomas and Bertie Competition! Rainbow Bridge Set 2016
Choo-choo! Steam Thomas Set 2017
Go Round and Round! Thomas and Merlin's Coal Hopper Set 2018
Thomas is climbing! Mechanical Action Rail Set 2018
Thomas the Tank Engine Island of Sodor Challenge! 2018
Run Away! Thomas! Boulder's Mountain Set 2019
Look Around Here and There! Talking Thomas and My Sodor Island Set 2020
Wobbly Suspension Bridge Set 2020
Thomas the Tank Engine Kenji and Thomas' Chasing Set 2021

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go

In 2022, the Plarail range was expanded to include new toys based on Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go. These toys run alongside the classic Thomas & Friends range.


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2022 'Cave Exploration Thomas' is the only individually released variant
Percy 2023
Nia 2023
Diesel 2023
Kana 2023


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Percy, Diesel and Kana Friend Set 2022 Includes Percy, Diesel and Kana with three swappable chassis; one motorised, two unmotorised
Thomas and Annie and Clarabel and Friends Set 2023 Includes Thomas, the Troublesome Trucks, Annie, Clarabel and Skiff; all items except Thomas are reused toolings from the original range. Thomas has a worried expression.
Nia, Bruno and Whiff Friend Set 2024 (coming soon) Includes Nia, Bruno and Whiff with three swappable chassis; one motorised, two unmotorised


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Loop the Loop Playset 2022 The included Thomas' face matches the expressions from the Percy, Diesel and Kana Friend Set
3D Playmat 2022
Adventure Peak Playset 2023 The included Thomas' face is happy, based on Lookout Mountain
Starter Set 2024 Thomas included with set. Thomas' face matches the expressions used on the individually released Percy, Nia, Diesel, and Kana
Basic Rail Kit 2024
Action Rail Kit 2024


  • Takara Tomy released Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy again in Plarail, but with more detail such as a white running plate and black lamp irons. They also removed some detail, as Henry and Gordon's connecting rods are now standard and Edward now uses the standard 0-6-0 chassis instead of the 4-4-0 one.
  • Elsbridge Station was made twice as "Thomas Crossing Station".
  • The Talk 'n' Action Toby, Henry and Gordon were originally planned to be released to English-speaking territories, but due to the Talk 'n' Action range being discontinued, they were cancelled.
  • In 2014, James received a separately coupled tender, and a new chassis (Shared with Connor and Caitlin, whom were also released that year). And in 2015, Gordon received the same modifications. In 2018, Edward and Henry also received the same treatment. Each engine also received an updated CGI style face.
    • In 2018, Thomas and Percy also received updates, while not a new chassis, they did get new CG faces and sticker detail.
  • Edward's redesign inaccurately portrays him as a 2-6-0, much like his TrackMaster (2014-onwards) counterpart.
  • Donald and Douglas were the first tender engines not to have their tenders permanently attached.
  • Ashima was first released as an unmotorised ringing engine before getting a motorized variant.
  • Henry's models use the BR Class C Headcodes.
  • Winston and Marion are unmotorised and have a front coupler, hinting that they could be used as rolling stock.
  • Rosie's red livery incorrectly has her boiler bands in white instead of gold.
  • Rebecca's model incorrectly has her navy colours in black.
  • Emily and Toby are the only Steam Team members without CG faces.
  • The wheels on Theo's model are all exactly the same size.
  • The pre-2018 models for James, Gordon, Henry, and Freddie were the only ones with six functional wheels.
  • Edward's pre-2018 model, Molly and Mighty Mac are the only engines with eight working wheels.
  • Murdoch's model has the most working wheels of any model, with a total of ten.
  • Hong-Mei's model reuses the chassis of Rosie's models, though the upper body shell was a new sculpt.
  • Skiff's models are oversized.
  • Beppe's roof is unpainted, his wheels are grey, and he is larger than his on-screen size.
  • Much like all current Thomas toy lines, the models aim to reproduce a design aesthetic based on the CGI series despite running alongside the reboot, especially since the late 2010s. Despite this, models based on the reboot designs were released in 2023, though unlike the Motorized and TrackMaster Push Along ranges, the reboot designs are released in a separate range rather than replacing the main range.
  • Old Slow Coach's face is on the wrong end.
  • GOGO! Diesel is the first release of Diesel in the range since his discontinuation in 2012.
  • Bruno's model is designed to be motorized with the right chassis and is the first of the character with said feature. However, accommodating this feature means that his couplings are oriented to have him facing the train instead of straight backwards.

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