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Motorized is a battery-operated toy system manufactured by Fisher-Price, Mattel in the US and was launched in Mid 2020. It is a re-brand and redesign of the TrackMaster line and is virtually identical to it, with new products being released alongside re-releases and an aim to return to producing more traditional train sets rather than primarily focusing on stunt sets.

The line underwent a light redesign in November 2021 in order to closer match the more cartoonlike designs seen in Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, with all CGI-based products in the line being phased out in the following months.


(For any product, one asterisk (*) means it is a rerelease from the 2014-2020 TrackMaster range, possibly with small differences.)

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas* 2020
Edward* 2020
Henry* 2020
Gordon* 2020
James* 2020
Percy* 2020
Toby* 2020
Harvey* 2021 Sold only in Helpful Harvey three-pack
Emily* 2020
Spencer* 2020
Hiro* 2020
Charlie* 2020
Ashima* 2020
Yong Bao* 2020 GPL47
Gina* 2020
Shane 2020 GJX81
Merlin* 2020
Lexi* 2020
Nia* 2020
Rebecca* 2020
Lorenzo* 2021 Sold only in Lorenzo & Beppe three-pack
Duchess 2021 GYV97
Diesel* 2020
Salty* 2020
Paxton 2021 GYV96
Kenji 2021 GYW10
Winston 2021 Sold only in Henry and Winston three-pack

Non-Rail Vehicles

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Bulstrode 2020 Sold only in Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set and All Around Sodor Deluxe Set
Kevin* 2020
Flynn* 2020
Skiff* 2020 Sold only in Bridge Lift Thomas and Skiff Set, now has coupling on back
Darcy* 2020 Sold only in Cave Collapse Set
Terence 2021 Sold only in Thomas and Terence three-pack
Harold* 2021 Sold only in Tiger Adventure Set
Ace* 2021 Sold only Thomas and Ace the Racer three-pack

Talking Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2020 Sold in Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set, All Around Sodor Deluxe Set, and individual 3-pack
Percy 2020 Sold only in Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set and All Around Sodor Deluxe Set
James 2021 Comes with grey van with pigs
Gordon 2021 Comes with opening buffet coach.
Diesel 2021 Comes with slate car with cow and Troublesome Tanker

Celebration and Storybook

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas* 2020
James* 2020
Percy* 2020
Nia* 2020

These engines all have a metallic finish and are available with and without a storybook.

Hyper Glow Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas* 2020 Two versions: Standard release and set version
Percy* 2020
Ashima* 2020
Nia* 2020
Kevin* 2020


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Raul & Emerson* 2020
Gustavo & Avocados* 2020
Golden Thomas* 2020
Thomas, Annie and Clarabel 2020 GPJ57
Duchess and the Royal Train 2020 GPJ55
Kenji and his coaches 2020 GPJ56
Masked Monkey Thomas 2020 GLK70 Comes with Monkey figure
Masked Panda Percy 2020 GLK71 Comes with Panda figure
Masked Lion James 2020 GLK72 Comes with Lion figure
Masked Elephant Gordon 2020 GLK73 Comes with Elephant figure
Flying Scotsman* 2020
Helpful Harvey* 2021 Based on Stuck in Gear
Rebecca* 2021 Based on What Rebecca Does
Gina* 2021 Based on Digs and Discoveries
Lorenzo & Beppe* 2021 Based on Digs and Discoveries
Yong Bao the Hero* 2021 Based on Big World! Big Adventures!
Thomas and Ace the Racer* 2021 Based on Big World! Big Adventures!
Really Useful Engine four-pack* 2021 Includes exclusive Steam Thomas, Henry, James, & Charlie
Thomas & Terence 2021 HBF75 Based on Terence Breaks the Ice
Percy & the Tanker 2021 HBF77 Based on Percy Takes the Plunge flashback from Chucklesome Trucks
Henry & Winston 2021 HBF76 Based on Henry Spots Trouble
Christmas Train Thomas 2021
Thomas, Percy, Rebecca, & James 2021 Includes exclusive Rainbow Thomas, James, Percy, and Rebecca
Thomas, Percy, James, & Gordon 2021 Includes exclusive Gold Thomas, exclusive Metallic Gordon, Metallic Percy, and Metallic James


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Cranky the Crane 2020
Windmill 2020 GPD89 Based on Ruth's Workshop
Press N’ Spin Harold* 2020

Track Packs

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Straight Track Pack* 2020
Curved Track Pack* 2020
Switches and Turnouts Track Pack* 2020
Builder Bucket* 2020
Assorted Track Pack 2021


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set June 2020[1] GLK80 Originally called "Day Out on Sodor Set"
3-in-1 Package Pickup Set* 2020
Cave Collapse Set* 2020 Based on Digs and Discoveries.

Includes Darcy.

Dragon Escape Set* 2020 Based on Thomas and the Dragon
Cassia Crane & Cargo Set* 2020 Includes Cassia
Percy 6-in-1 Set* 2020 The original 2018 TrackMaster release was called the 6-in-1 Builder Set
Walking Bridge Set 2020 GHK84 Based on The Inventor's Spectacular Bridge
Mad Dash On Sodor Set* 2020 Originally released in 2014
Animal Park Monkey Adventure Set 2020 GLK81 Based on Thomas' Animal Friends
All Around Sodor Deluxe Set 2020 GRF01 A combination of "Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set", "Cranky Crane", and "Windmill".
Hyper Glow Night Delivery Set* 2020 Includes Cranky
Bridge Lift Thomas & Skiff Set 2021
Nia and the Elephant Set 2021 Based on Nia and the Unfriendly Elephant
Mega Sodor Set 2021 Includes Carly
Tiger Adventure Set 2021
Trains & Cranes Super Tower Set 2021 Compatible with both Motorized and Push Along.
Gordon's Cargo Transport Track Set 2021 Compatible with the Thomas and Edward track sets.
Thomas at the Quarry Track Set 2021 Compatible with the Gordon and Edward track sets.
Edward and Bulstrode Track Set 2021 Compatible with the Thomas and Gordon track sets.
Thomas & Percy Cargo Race 2021

All Engines Go


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2021 HDY59
Percy 2021 HDY60
Nia 2021 (UK) 2022 (US) HDY63
Diesel 2021 (UK) 2022 (US) HDY64
Kana 2021 (UK) 2022 (US) HDY69
Kenji 2022 HHN40
Emily 2022 HHN41
Hiro 2022 HHN58
Gordon 2022 HJD73
Carly 2022 HJD74
James 2022 HJD75

Non-motorized and Set Exclusive Characters

Model Original Release Year Notes
Carly 2021 Featured in Fix 'em Up Friends set
Sandy 2021 Featured in Fix 'em Up Friends set and Muddy Fix 'em Up Friends pack
Skiff 2022 Featured in Bridge Lift Thomas and Skiff set
Annie and Clarabel 2022 Featured in 3-in-1 Package Pickup set and Talking Thomas pack
Bruno 2022 Featured in Percy and Bruno Pack
Cranky 2022 Featured in Cranky the Crane Cargo Drop set


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas, Percy, Kana, and James 2022 HGX62 Includes Thomas, Percy, Kana, and James
Metallic 4-Pack 2022 HHM46 Includes Thomas, Percy, Nia, and Kana

Talking Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas with Annie and Clarabel 2022 HHN21
Percy with Harold 2022 HHN22
Nia with Troublesome Truck 2022 HHN23

Greatest Moments

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Party Train Percy 2021 HHD47 Based on Music is Everywhere
Muddy Thomas 2021 HHD48
Deliver The Win Diesel 2021 (UK) 2022 (US) HDY74 Based on Race for the Sodor Cup
Crystal Caves Thomas 2022 HHN42 Based on Percy's Lucky Bell
Muddy Fix 'Em Up Friends 2022 HHN43
Percy and Brake Car Bruno 2022 HHN44
Farm Thomas 2022
Farm Percy 2022
Farm Kana 2022
Thomas and the Cows 2022 Around the Farm 6-Pack exclusive


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Around the Farm 6-Pack 2022 Double-jointed pack with Push Along


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Bridge Lift Thomas and Skiff 2022 HDX65
Fix 'em Up Friends 2021 HDY58
3-in-1 Package Pickup Set 2022 HGX64[1]
Cranky the Crane Cargo Drop 2022 HGY79
Percy's Package Roundup 2022 HGY80
Nia's Dockside Drop-off 2022 HGY81
Launch and Loop Maintenance Yard 2022 HJY30 Based on Rules of the Game
Super Loop Set 2022 HMB93



  • Some changes are made from the TrackMaster line:
    • Annie and Clarabel are longer than the TrackMaster versions of them released in 2016; they now resemble the original TrackMaster designs slightly more, whereas the 2016-2019 versions were simply repainted vans. Aside from moulded faces, the two also have open windows again, as well as moulded seats and undercarriage detail. Despite this, the versions included in the 3-in-1 Package Pickup Set remain unchanged.
    • The talking models of Thomas, Gordon, James and Percy have rivets and handrails to match their current renders in the series (Talking Diesel also has rivets on his sides despite lacking them), their numbers have also increased in size. These models also feature working lamps and are more proportionally accurate, and have large red buttons on their cab roofs. For the Thomas and Percy models, Joseph May and Christopher Ragland provide the voice clips of the US releases, with John Hasler and Nigel Pilkington voicing the UK versions. James and Gordon also feature tenders with removeable coal loads, with Rob Rackstraw providing the voice samples for the former. Kerry Shale and Keith Wickham both voice Gordon in their respective locations, while the former also provides Diesel's voice clips.
    • The engines' pupils are now painted rather than printed.
    • Nia's face is updated and matches the one seen in stock photos of her previous releases in the TrackMaster line.
    • Flying Scotsman's tenders no longer have the dark green strip on their chassis.
    • The Troublesome Trucks now have moulded plastic faces rather than printed or sticker faces and their bodies changed shape, with external rivets and a moulded wooden floor. Much like the cars from the Plarail Thomas and Nia and Ace Go! Go! Adventure Set, the redesigned Troublesome Trucks wobble and sway when they move, mimicking the bouncing action featured prominently in the original show's final four seasons.
    • Skiff now has a hook coupling on the back, meaning that when he is pulled along by an engine, he faces backwards.
      • He also now has the newer geared wheels that were added to most new releases beginning in 2017.
    • The fish van and Express coach in the Talking James and Gordon packs now have the same extended chassis used by Annie and Clarabel and Kenji's coaches. The Express coach also opens like the original see-inside TrackMaster wagons.
    • Percy's mail van has been updated with a grey painted roof. However, this change is only shown in the Thomas, Percy, Rebecca, & James 4-pack.
    • Rebecca's middle wheel graphic has been updated to match her wheel design from the show. However, this change is only shown in the Thomas, Percy, Rebecca, & James 4-pack.
  • Duchess' coach is the same style as the 2014 TrackMaster line before the Motorized redesign, possibly because she was designed for the TrackMaster line before the switch to Motorized. She also has oval buffers on the front like the real members of her class, whereas she has circular buffers in the series.
  • Kenji comes with two coaches, despite the fact that he was only accompanied by one in the series.
  • Kenji's prototype depicts him with coupling rods and grey wheels on him and his coaches with blue frames. The final release lacks the coupling rods and depicts him and his coaches with black wheels and frames. Ultimately, as his model was designed with coupling rods in mind, his wheels are exposed more than they are in real life.
    • Kenji's prototype also depicts him and his coaches with blue stripes across his windows and his roof like his basis but absent from his CGI render and his final release; this may have been part of his original design. The Single pack renders are slightly more accurate, but have black siderods and traction tires not present on the actual release. Unlike the greatest moments pack, the single pack release features bare gray plastic instead of metallic silver paint.
  • The Walking Bridge only has room for a single-unit engine. Tender engines or a single unit pulling any rolling stock will not fit. This heavily contradicts the Walking Bridge's size in the series, where it was able to perfectly fit both Toby and Henrietta.
  • Despite the All Around Sodor Deluxe Set showing the Push Along Emily with her number on marketing, she does not actually have her number on the actual toy itself. The 2021 reissue of the Push Along Emily features her 12.
  • The bar codes at the bottom of the packaging now have Thomas going up them.
  • At the inside-top of the packaging, there is a character saying the description of the set (And sometimes, a story to go along with the set).
  • The Mad Dash on Sodor set now includes two additional trucks.
  • Most sets in the back of their box now have a pun to match the description of their respective set.
  • Most sets on the side of the box have promos of the respective characters included in said set.
    • The inner flap on the sets' boxes now feature James, Percy and Nia.
  • The tanker's face in the Percy & the Tanker pack, the Talking Diesel pack and Christmas Train is based on a face from the fourth series, rather than the CGI tanker faces first seen in Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • Much like his Plarail model, Winston has a front coupling and a Sir Topham Hatt figurine, but unlike the Plarail model, the Motorized version of said figurine is not removable.
  • Terence has a TrackMaster Push Along-style coupling on his back, allowing him to couple up to compatible rolling stock. This is presumably done to allow a recreation of the scene in Thomas, Terence and the Snow where Terence pulls Thomas out of the snow.
  • Following the end of the main series prior to the reboot, the line briefly shifted to recreating moments from past episodes. It was later revealed that the engines would be redesigned to match the reboot, but the track and rolling stock would remain unchanged. Currently, it is unknown if the reboot-based range will replace or coexist with the current designs as three track sets featuring Thomas, Edward and Gordon are set for release.
  • Despite predating the release of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, the lift bridge in the Bridge Lift Thomas and Skiff set is based on Quickdraw Bridge from the aforementioned series, albeit with a different colour scheme.


  • This range of engines appear to be slightly bigger than the normal Motorized engines. This was likely done as these toys are meant for a younger audience.
  • The power switches on the engines are now red instead of silver.
  • Several of the All Engines Go sets are rereleases of previous CGI-era sets with updated engines.
  • As with the series itself, the engines' wheels no longer have spokes or side rods. However, a hole exists for side rods on the driving wheels.
  • The tenders have a new mold for their wheels, whereas the trucks and coaches retain the previous wheel mold.
  • The engines now have longer rear couplings, a feature that was only once used for the original TrackMaster model of Scruff from the original series.
  • Sandy is depicted as a cargo block in the Fix 'em up Friends set, while a version of her Push Along model is included with the Muddy Fix 'em up Friends pack.
  • Any rolling stock will be backwards compatible with the original TrackMaster and Motorized rolling stock.
  • The Bridge Lift set features a scene from Thomas Blasts Off.
  • Skiff and the Troublesome Trucks have fully molded faces due to their designs originating from before All Engines Go. This is a stark contrast to the new pieces for the All Engines Go range, which have the facial details printed on a blank face piece; the face pieces lack any molded features aside from the nose.
  • James is notably missing a whistle, unlike most of the other steam engines in the range.
    • Additionally, James' prototype incorrectly portrayed him as an 0-6-2 and his tender had a removable coal load, like the Motorized Interactive Talking James from the original series.
  • Carly's model (specifically, her battery-powered running model,) features a modified crane arm design compared to her set release, that being the battery-powered running model has a straighter extendable arm to fit in the packaging bubble. She includes a flatbed to which her crane arm can be attached to let her fit under bridges and tunnels.
  • The Thomas model used for advertising the Fix 'em Up Friends set is different than the model from the set.
  • Hiro's model incorrectly has oval buffers instead of round ones.