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Motorized is a battery-operated toy system manufactured by Fisher-Price, Mattel in the US and was launched in Mid 2020. It is a re-brand and redesign of the TrackMaster line and is virtually identical to it, with new products being released alongside re-releases and an aim toward more simplistic designs.


(For any product, one asterisk (*) means it is a rerelease from the 2014-2020 TrackMaster range, possibly with small differences.)



Non-Rail Vehicles


  • Bulstrode (sold only in Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set and All Around Sodor Deluxe Set)
  • Kevin*
  • Flynn*
  • Skiff* (sold only in Bridge Lift Thomas and Skiff Set, now has coupling on back)

Talking Engines


  • Thomas (sold only in Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set and All Around Sodor Deluxe Set)
  • Percy (sold only in Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set and All Around Sodor Deluxe Set)

Celebration and Storybook


  • Thomas*
  • James*
  • Percy*
  • Nia*

These engines all have a metallic finish and are available with and without a storybook.


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Raul & Emerson* 2020
Gustavo & Avocados* 2020
Golden Thomas* 2020
Thomas, Annie and Clarabel 2020 GPJ57
Duchess and the Royal Train 2020 GPJ55
Kenji and his coaches 2020 GPJ56
Masked Monkey Thomas 2020 GLK70 Comes with Monkey figure
Masked Panda Percy 2020 GLK71 Comes with Panda figure
Masked Lion James 2020 GLK72 Comes with Lion figure
Masked Elephant Gordon 2020 GLK73 Comes with Elephant figure
Flying Scotsman* 2020




Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set June 2020[1] GLK80 Originally called "Day Out on Sodor Set"
3-in-1 Package Pickup Set* 2020
Cassia Crane & Cargo Set* 2020
Percy 6-in-1 Set* 2020 The original 2018 TrackMaster release was called the 6-in-1 Builder Set
Walking Bridge Set 2020 GHK84 Based on The Inventor's Spectacular Bridge
Mad Dash On Sodor Set* 2020 Originally released in 2014
Animal Park Monkey Adventure Set 2020 GLK81 Based on Thomas' Animal Friends
All Around Sodor Deluxe Set 2020 GRF01 A combination of "Talking Thomas and Percy Train Set", "Cranky Crane", and "Windmill".
Bridge Lift Thomas & Skiff Set 2020


  • Some changes are made from the TrackMaster line:
    • Annie and Clarabel are longer than the TrackMaster versions of them released in 2016; they now resemble the original TrackMaster designs slightly more. Aside from moulded faces, the two also have moulded seats and undercarriage detail. Despite this, the versions included in the 3-in-1 Package Pickup Set remain unchanged.
    • The talking models of Thomas and Percy have rivets and handrails to match their current renders in the series, their numbers have also increased in size. These models also feature working Lamps and are more proportionally accurate, and have large red buttons on their cab roofs. Joseph May and Christopher Ragland also provide the voice clips of the US releases, with John Hasler and Nigel Pilkington voicing the UK versions.
    • The engine's pupils are now painted rather than printed.
    • Nia's face is updated and matches the one seen in stock photos of her previous releases in the TrackMaster line.
    • The Troublesome Trucks now have moulded plastic faces rather than printed or sticker faces and their bodies changed shape, with external rivets and a moulded wooden floor. Much like the cars from the Plarail Thomas and Nia and Ace Go! Go! Adventure Set, the redesigned Troublesome Trucks wobble and sway when they move, mimicking the bouncing action prominently seen in the reboot.
    • Skiff now has a hook coupling on the back, meaning that when he is pulled along by an engine, he faces backwards.
  • Duchess' coach is the same style as the 2014 TrackMaster line before the Motorized redesign, possibly because she was designed for the TrackMaster line before the switch to Motorized. She also has oval buffers like the real members of her class, whereas she has circular buffers in the series.
  • Kenji comes with two coaches, despite the fact that he was only accompanied by one in the series.
  • Kenji's prototype depicts him with coupling rods and grey wheels on him and his coaches with blue frames. The final release lacks the coupling rods and depicts him and his coaches with black wheels and frames. Ultimately, as his model was designed with coupling rods in mind, his wheels are exposed more than they are in real life.
    • Kenji's prototype also depicts him and his coaches with blue stripes across his windows and his roof like his basis but absent from his CGI render and his final release; this may have been part of his original design.
  • The Walking Bridge only has room for a single-unit engine. Tender engines or a single unit pulling any rolling stock will not fit. This heavily contradicts the Walking Bridge's size in the series, where it was able to perfectly fit both Toby and Henrietta.
  • Despite the All Around Sodor Deluxe Set showing Emily with her number on marketing, she does not actually have her number on the actual toy itself.
  • The chassis on the tenders of Flying Scotsman are now green, as opposed to the black color they had when initially released in 2016.
  • The bar codes at the bottom of the packaging now have Thomas going up them.
  • At the inside-top of the packaging, there is a character saying the description of the set (And sometimes, a little story to go along with the set).
  • Most sets in the back of their box now have a pun to match the description of their respective set.
  • Most sets on the side of the box have promos of the respective characters included in said set.
  • Kevin is longer than his size on the show.
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