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Mr. Arkwright (played by Robert Slade) is one of the drivers on Sodor and the Fat Controller's right-hand man. He appeared between the episodes on the DVDs Team Up With Thomas and Percy and the Bandstand.


Mr. Arkwright is an engine driver for the North Western Railway. He usually educates viewers about various different things.


Engine Driver Segments

  • Mr. Arkwright's Special Job
  • Mr. Arkwright Gets Ready
  • Mr. Perkins' Party (mentioned)
  • Mr. Perkins' Winter Holiday (does not appear)
  • Mr. Perkins' One Man Band (does not appear)
  • Mr. Perkins' Vegetable Show (mentioned)
  • Mr. Perkins' Soccer Match (does not appear)

Voice Actors


  • He plays the accordion in a band with fellow drivers Mr. Perkins and Mr. Roberts.
  • He was once the referee of the annual Engine Drivers Football match.
  • Unlike Mr. Gilbert Perkins, his first name was never mentioned.
  • Mr. Arkwright only appeared twice on two DVD releases from Series 12 before Mr. Perkins would take over the role for subsequent DVD releases afterwards as he would only be mentioned in various Mr. Perkins segments.
  • He was the first live-action character introduced in the franchise in nearly a decade since the release of Thomas and the Magic Railroad back in 2000.


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