Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory have special ventilated vans used for transporting sugar. It is popular among the engines. They have also been referred to as "Sugar Trucks".

7-plank trucks and a cream tanker have also been used to transport ingredients. A brake van is often accompanied with the train.


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In an attempt to stay clean, Percy decided to deliver these sugar vans. At first the journey ran smoothly, but on his way to the chocolate factory, he slipped on an oily track at the bottom of a hill. He and the vans crashed into the factory's wall. As a result, the train was covered in chocolate[1].

List of rolling stock used in the television series:

Technical Details


These vans are based on LNER 12 ton vans and GWR ventilated vans. The train was also accompanied by a SR 25 Ton Brake Van.


The LNER vans are painted in various shades of brown, while the GWR van is painted dark grey.



  • The merchandise ranges depict the trucks as 7-plank trucks (some have faces). Standard plank trucks have also been used to transport coco powder and other chocolate-related ingredients.



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