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Mr. Gilbert Perkins, also referred to as Driver Perkins (played by the late Ben Forster), is a driver on Sodor. Mr. Perkins helps out Sir Topham Hatt, all of Sodor's engines and the drivers. He has been featured on several DVDs from 2010 to 2017. He also presented the Down at the Station segments for the seventeenth series (repeated alongside the eighteenth and nineteenth series) under the title Mr. Perkins' Railway.

Mr. Perkins' segments came to an end following Ben Forster's death on 2nd January 2017.


Mr. Perkins is an engine driver for the North Western Railway. He commonly educates viewers about various different things and also tells Railway Series stories.


Mr. Gilbert Perkins is a kind, helpful person. He always follows orders from Sir Topham Hatt. He also sometimes does have doubts, or makes mistakes during the Engine Driver Lessons.


Engine Driver Segments

  • Mr. Perkins' Cake
  • Mr. Perkins and the Parrot
  • Mr. Perkins' Party
  • Mr. Perkins' Winter Holiday
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway Lesson
  • Mr. Perkins' Seaside
  • Mr. Perkins' Fancy Costume
  • Mr. Perkins' Sodor's Got Talent
  • Mr. Perkins' One Man Band
  • Mr. Perkins is Snowed In
  • The Great Perkino
  • Mr. Perkins Tidies Up
  • Mr. Perkins' Vegetable Show
  • Mr. Perkins' Painting
  • Mr. Perkins' Sleepover
  • Mr. Perkins' Treasure Hunt
  • Mr. Perkins' Jumble Sale
  • Mr. Perkins' Trainee
  • Mr. Perkins' Soccer Match
  • Mr. Perkins Clowns Around

Mr. Perkins' Storytime

Mr. Perkins' Postcards

Voice Actors


  • The common room segments were filmed in a studio in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • The hand-knitted scarf, worn by Perkins in Mr. Perkins' Soccer Match, is preserved by the Top Props preservation group, after it was sold by The Prop Gallery.
  • Mr. Perkins has said that he normally drives Thomas, but he has also driven Percy, James, Gordon and Diesel.
  • In Henry and the Elephant, it was revealed he is married to Mrs. Perkins.
  • His first name, Gilbert, was only mentioned in Mr. Perkins' Trainee.
  • His jacket is numbered #111.

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