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My First Thomas with Henry and Gordon is an Australian DVD release that focuses on the adventures with Thomas and his friends Henry and Gordon. It contains three first series episodes, two third series episodes, one fourth series episode, one fifth series episode, and one seventh series episode. It was released under the title Gordon and Henry the Large Engines for Japanese audiences.


The My First Thomas series is designed to be an introduction for new fans who are just embarking on their journey into the wonderful world of Thomas & Friends. Each collection focuses on key characters from the series and allows the fledgling Thomas fan to get familiar with Thomas, the Island of Sodor and all the fun adventures the friends have every day.



  1. The Sad Story of Henry
  2. Edward, Gordon and Henry
  3. Off the Rails
  4. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  5. Henry's Forest
  6. Henry and the Elephant
  7. A Better View for Gordon
  8. Gordon and Spencer


  1. Henry, Come on Out
  2. Henry's Big Success
  3. Gordon Falls into a Ditch
  4. Gordon and Famous Visitor
  5. Henry's Forest
  6. The Monster Tunnel
  7. Gordon's Window
  8. Gordon and Spencer




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