My Little Thomas and Bertie Adventures is a UK VHS which contains one first series episode and one second series episode narrated by Ringo Starr and three third series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis. It was released in 2001 and has a runtime of twenty-eight minutes.


5 exciting stories with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friend Bertie.


  1. Thomas and Bertie - Thomas the Tank Engine and Bertie the Bus decide to stage their own version of the Great Race.
  2. Bertie's Chase - Thomas is late. Edward is impatient and the passengers are cross. Dashing Bertie races to the rescue.
  3. Thomas Gets Bumped - Bertie helps out while Thomas waits for new rails to be laid on his branch line. Thomas is needlessly jealous.
  4. Trust Thomas - Bertie learns that he can trust an engine - especially if his name is Thomas. Though Gordon and James prove to be less trustworthy.
  5. Bulgy - It is the sightseeing series on the Island of Sodor and Bertie and the engines are busy. But their busy timetable is disrupted by a devious double-decker bus called Bulgy.


  • An alternative version of this video came free with an ERTL Turntable Playset exclusively licensed by Chad Valley. The alternative version was released in 2003 and featured a cardboard case which did not include the 'My Little' in the title.
  • The episode Bulgy is featured, despite both Thomas and Bertie only making brief non-speaking cameos.


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