My Little Thomas and the Royal Visitor is a UK VHS release featuring one first series episode, two third series episodes, one fourth series episode, and two fifth series episodes.


6 exciting stories with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friend Gordon.


  1. Gordon and the Famous Visitor - An important engine visits the yard and everyone is excited, except Gordon - who doesn't trust domeless engines.
  2. Paint Pots and Queens - It is a proud day for The Fat Controller's Railway as the Queen is coming to visit. Henry misses his chance at pulling the Queen's train when a pot of paint gets tipped over him, but Gordon and Thomas are there to help out.
  3. Thomas and Gordon - Thomas, the little blue engine is cheeky to Gordon once too often so this time the big blue engine decides to give Thomas a lesson he won't forget!
  4. Snow - Gordon tells Thomas that only big engines like him can deal with snow but when he over hears Rusty telling Thomas a story about Skarloey being buried in the snow, he rushes to the rescue much to the other engines amusement.
  5. Tender Engines - Gordon is envious of a two-tender engine but Henry finds out that one tender each is best for big engines.
  6. A Better View for Gordon - Gordon's boasting comes to a sudden halt at the opening of a new station but he has a nice surprise when he returns to the station after coming back from the works.


  • This video was released in 2002 when Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee; and quite appropriately, the front cover of the video had British flags as well as having the episode Paint Pots and Queens.


  • All of the episodes are mistakenly dated 1991 in the credits.


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