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My Little Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Video is a UK VHS. It features five first series episodes narrated by Ringo Starr.


  1. Thomas' Train - Thomas gets a chance to pull his very own train with unexpected results.
  2. Thomas and the Trucks - Thomas lands himself in trouble with some silly trucks and gets a warning from the Fat Controller.
  3. Thomas and the Breakdown Train - James has trouble with the trucks one day, but Thomas is there to help out. The Fat Controller is so pleased he gives Thomas his own branch line.
  4. James and the Coaches - James bangs the coaches by being too rough, and brings the train to a stop. The passengers get home only after a piece of ingenious repair work by the guard.
  5. Troublesome Trucks - James is sent back to pull trucks again. He has a bad time with a long train but with a little help from his friend Edward he wins to the end. The Fat Controller is very pleased.



  • Michael Angelis is credited along with Ringo Starr on the back cover, but he does not narrate any episodes on this release.
  • The description for Troublesome Trucks says that James gets help from Edward. This is not true, as Edward had offered to help James, but he wanted to pull the trucks himself.


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