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The nameboards appeared as short intermission segments between every two episodes of the first and fifth series in the UK and between each episode on most first to seventh series VHS and DVD releases in the US.


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Five New Engines in the Shed Music Video



  • James' nameboard appeared twice in the original ten minute airing of Troublesome Trucks and James and the Express, taking Edward's place.
  • The tube used to direct the steam is seen in Henry's right sided nameboard.
  • In Percy's left sided nameboard his face moves when he looks down.
  • In some of the nameboards, the passengers can be seen standing on a white platform which overlaps the track. Blu-Tack is also seen on some of the passengers' feet.
  • The "C" in BoCo's name is not capitalised.
  • Daisy's eye mechanism is seen moving (look at cab window).
  • Sir Handel and Rheneas' faces are switched.
  • Skarloey's rear wheel is derailed in his nameboard.
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