Nelvana Enterprises (formerly known as Nelvana Limited) is a Canadian animation studio that will produce Thomas & Friends starting with Series 25, taking over from Jam Filled Toronto.


  • Erica Luttrell, who played Kara on the second and third seasons of Shining Time Station, did the voice for Keesha in the 1994 series The Magic School Bus, which was animated by Nelvana and aired on PBS along with Shining Time Station.
  • Neil Crone provided the voice of Mr. Flack on The Magic School Bus and provided additional voices for Babar.
  • Susan Roman did the voice of Beatrice 'Bea' Bear (Bear's little sister) on Franklin, which was animated by Nelvana and aired on Nick Jr., she also provided Brier's voice in one episode of Rupert and Jess Squirrel on Redwall, which was animated by Nelvana and was syndicated to PBS member stations. She also provided additional voices for Babar.
  • Eddie Glen, the voice of Thomas in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, voiced Al Pine in Rescue Heroes and Squire Flicker in Blazing Dragons, both of which were distributed and produced by Nelvana.

Other works

The company is well known for making several 2-D and 3-D animated television series' including Babar, Rupert, Redwall, Eek! the Cat, The Backyardigans, Ruby Gloom, Cyberchase (Series 1-5), The Magic School Bus, Max & Ruby , Timothy goes to School and Handy Manny. They have also handled non-US distribution for The Fairly OddParents (Series 1-5) and Taina as well as North American distribution of the anime series, Cardcaptor Sakura under the title Cardcaptors.

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