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Neville is a ubiquitous, square-shaped tender engine.


Thomas & Friends

Upon Neville's arrival to Sodor, Thomas saw him with 'Arry and Bert - who were actually teasing him - which caused a rumour regarding him being friends with the diesels and horrid to steam engines to spread. Percy and Emily thought that he was planning to bump the steam engines, despite his jolly greetings to the engines. Luckily, the rumour was rectified and Thomas befriended Neville after rescuing him from a broken bridge.

Despite his gentleness, Neville has acted a bit cheeky, having once paid Emily back by laughing at her for working with Whiff, along with Molly and Murdoch.

Sometime later while working at the Sodor Slate Quarry, Neville told Thomas and Percy about the job of collecting the Sodor Brass Band.


Neville is gentlemanly, highly enthusiastic and kind, if a little naive. Neville never holds a grudge, but can be easily hurt by unkind comments or not being accepted by others who judge him only by his appearance. Otherwise, he is bubbly, ready to pull together, and happy to make new friends. He has also been shown to be slightly cheeky in the episode Emily's Rubbish.

In Behind the Scenes with Pierce Brosnan, voice director Jamie Thomason describes Neville as being similar to Thomas, in terms of being around "the same age, helpful, keen, eager and cheerful" and he also describes Neville as being more inexperienced due to being new to Sodor.

Technical Details


Neville is based on a Southern Railway (SR) Bulleid Q1 Class locomotive, which was often referred to as "ugly ducklings". The design represented the ultimate development of the British 0-6-0 freight engine. One reason for their unusual shape was so they could go through a coach-washer for cleaning at a time when manpower for this could not be spared. BR no. 33010, originally SR no. C10 (Neville's number) was built in September 1942 at Brighton Works and scrapped at Birds Manoravon Scrapyard, Morriston, Swansea in 1964. Unlike his prototype, however, Neville is missing the lubricator and crankshaft that connects to the front of his side-rods on the left-hand side. The first of the class, No. C1/33001 is the only Q1 preserved, at the National Railway Museum. It was formerly based at the Bluebell Railway.


Neville is painted in BR unlined black without the BR crest. His number, 33010, is painted on the sides of his cab in white.


Official Description

From Official Website[1][2]

Neville: Neville is a steamie who looks like a diesel. He's enthusiastic, friendly and always ready to help out the team. Neville never holds a grudge and can always be found with a smile on his face.

Fun Fact: Neville is based on a Q1 Class 0-6-0 tender engine. Built by the Southern Railway in 1938-39 and designed by Oliver Bullied.

Audio Files


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  • In some descriptions of Thomas and the New Engine, Neville is mistakenly described as actually being a diesel, as opposed to just looking like one.
  • In his Story Library book, magazine story illustrations, and merchandise lines (excluding Motor Road and Rail and TrackMaster), Neville is incorrectly depicted with spoked driving wheels. His prototype, the Bullied Q1s, was built with "Bullied-Firth-Brown" driving wheels.
  • In the cover illustration of Neville's Story Library Book, he is incorrectly depicted with grey driving wheels as opposed to black ones.
  • Neville had a total of seven facial expressions, one of which a smirking face was never shown on-screen.
  • According to the talking My First Thomas toy of Neville, his favorite place to visit is the Ffarquhar Quarry.
  • Neville reuses Oliver's original whistle, but at a step higher in pitch, which is Gordon's whistle at five steps higher-pitched. It was then reused for Flying Scotsman at a slightly lower pitch in The Great Race onwards.
  • In the Croatian dub, Neville's name is translated to "Nenad".


“He is, in many regards, similar to Thomas. He's new to Sodor, so he's more inexperienced. But like Thomas, he's, you know, he's the same age, helpful, keen, eager, cheerful...”
Jamie Thomason describing Neville's character to Pierce Brosnan, Behind the Scenes with Pierce Brosnan



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